It has been a while. I completed school and forgot about HELB repayments. Shock on me. Apparently, helb is charging a whooping Ksh 5,000 per month on defaulters as penalty!!! Ksh 5,000!!! My balls shrank for a moment. I have started to repay instantly because that is something I had forgotten about. Be informed guys. Dont forget that interest is charged on principle+accrued interest+penalties compounded!!

Yaani, unashindaga tu hapa ukisumbuaga na hulipagi msaada ya masomo,Sandao

Nimefikiria kuangalia hiyo portal leo. Namaliza kulipa this month juu sitakangi madeni. As of now I owe HELB 215k. I have never paid a single cent.

Rudi Shule Brare Fucking, Ulisoma na msaada na unasahau kulipa, Pure Ignorance

Na sisi wengi wenye hutukutumia helb tunaitishangwa helb clearance chieth ya nini? Worse it comes at a fee i understand

5000 per month is the lucky number. Anyway, just confirm usikuwe una-accumulate penalties bila kujua

mimi niliangalia nikaona wananidai elfu mia sita. nikawaambia wacha niende pale kwa equity agent nakuja. nitafikiria vile kufanya nao this year.

Fanya hivi. Don’t pay the penalties. But be keeping the money aside. Then waiver ikikuja you pay everything at once

What happens ukiwarushia mia tano every month ukibuy tokens za stima? Isn’t that a smart way of preventing those monthly penalties from accumulating further? Then waiver ikikuja nilipe lumpsum since waiver may not be 100% of penalties?

:D:D:D Kwani ulimaliza miaka ngapi iliyopita? That is a lot of cash. Actually ni plot/gari mahali.

Minimum payment ni 1500 , waiver yenye iko ni ya 80% on penalties but itabidi uende at their offices with the lump sum

Walk in and explain yourself. Waiver utapata.

Since they started applying fines

venye helb ilinizungusha nipate hio loan yao. wacha pia mimi niwakule kichwa

Does this mean nikilipa hiyo 500bob every month bado nitapewa fine ya 5k???

nope if you pay 500 they wont fine you but this amount might be less than the interest

Lipa deni

yea ul be fined but you can go to their offices and tell them you can only pay 500, theyll accept

How much do I need to pay to avoid fines without having to go to their offices?

I was making payments and then I thought I had cleared only to find myself being deducted monthly sums by HELB.
I had to pay penalties of over 50K. But I have my clearance certificate.
Pay the minimum required to prevent financial pain in future.