heke's wife

I’m tired of this idiot acting like his wife is the second coming of christ. Everytime some cuckold comes up with a chilling story regarding the plantation, @Heke is usually the first to jump on the thread, showering his own wife with compliments and placing the trouble squarely on the poor guy’s feet. He would then dish out some stupid advice, i.e encouraging the poor fellow to compliment the wife more and help wash the dishes.

Most of us are zealously waiting for the day @Heke will go broke, then we will witness whether his wife is really the angel he portrays her to be. We will see whether she will uphold her wedding vows.

@Heke should borrow a leaf from @poyoloko. Poyoloko was once a rich, pipe-puffing uber driver. His wife would clean his feet daily. Due to the economic impact of covid 19 pandemic, the uber company decided to reduce its workforce, and @poyoloko was one of the people who got laid off. The instant he broke the news to his wife, the wife told him, “hebu toka nje nibadilishe nguo.”

These days @poyoloko has no job, and no wife. He spends his day trolling and masturbating into an old sock.

Thank you.
Wajakoya for president…bazu @Tauren tafuta bibi:cool:im all out pro planteshen

:D:Di have to give it to you @patco you’re one weirdly funny man

Is it true that you nut in an old torn socks?

Whatever man






thanks but I’m not patco

Hizi ni gani banae:D:D:D


Kijiji has crazy pple