From today onwards I have resolved I will be drilling certified hoes only. I won’t do these innocent looking College babes. I have escaped ukedi by a whisker. There is this college babe I have been eyeing for sometime and I had vowed akijileta nitakonga dry fry kama ushenzi lakini Leo nimejionea. I was somewhere seated with my tusker light baridi in ngong road whiling away my evening then alas straight from the rooms my innocent babe comes out with a certain MCA whom elders from our hood have confirmed to be HIV + she winked at me and I waved back but I was almost running away to safety I could smell the dry fry from afar!

That won’t save u. Ukimwi huwa ipimwi kwa macho otherwise @uwesmake hangekua anameza ARVs. You can only trust yourself in nairobi. As for me i operate with the motto, " Ukipiga kitu dryfry a baby will be the least of your worries for the next two or three weeks"

BTW one of my cousins is on lifelong ARVs, that shit really sucks. Kwanza ukipiga hesabu that only takes one bad lay and a few minutes to net you for the rest of your life. Condomize man, it sucks but atleast u will live to fight another day without ARVs on your back.

Is only God who saves us. Some of us have even impregnated malayas. Na Mungu akatuonea huruma.

ni wapi huko wanakunywa pombe bado?

Lemme gave those who drill hoes hope. For a hoe to look healthy and fine yet she’s HIV+, it simply means she’s on her medications. I do not know much about ARVs but when hoes are on such, their viral load is on a low level and thus…

Wewe hujui ninini unasema kijana. Not all bitches who are on meds will be intransmissible, hell not being on meds does not mean you cannot be fine. I dont even like u but siezi penda kuskia ulikufa juu ya upuuzi kama hii.

Jielemishe kuhusu the long ‘window period’ where the virus takes a break from fighting your immune response lakini you are still as hot as an atomic bomb.

Kunyonga is waaaay better than protected sex…Condoms suck afadhali ni dry fry na nikule PEP for a month

Kiberenge, I am just thinking out loud. I am a sworn user of makobosto

:D:D:D I totally agree.Ni Mungu tu

True true… Nimedry fry lanye mingi sana marafiki wangu na ni kainfection kidogo tu niliwai pata

:D:Dkaswede kidogo ehhhh?:smiley:

Mkubwa infection kidogo ni gani iyo???

This must be DC

Hio yenye @BADASS anaita kaswede kidogo:D… Kainfection hakaniwezi viile… Ilikuwa tu na kauchungu kiasi… Dose ya siku tano kakaisha:D

Am never touching prostitutes ata na dawa. Na venye mimi ni mwoga, the fear alone will stress the fuck out of me

Lakini siku izi STI kuna vile ziko kila mahali na watu ata huwezi shuku… Nimewai rarua kavirgin kakiwa 18yrs, alafu tukapatana tena kakiwa 19, kuenda kukadry fry kananiambia kako na STI imekataa kupona

These are problems you’ll never worry about ukiwa unatumia CD. Unaweza kua virgin for 10000 years but ubreakiwe virginity na msee ako infected.

Na kwa sisi wenye CD apana tamu??:smiley:

Msee sitaki stress. Nobody gets out alive but am not willing to have to have the pleasantness of the journey interrupted by either the diseases itself or the constant worrying of picking up one.

Kisonono tumewahi pata ni madem wa kanisa hata:D:D:D