I have been thinking about replacing my mattress for sometime now. Lakini the rate at which people are buying new mattresses, I don’t want the public to think that the kind of theatrics I have had in here has reduced the mattress gradually to the size of a tongue. No it is still new.

This is the 4th year, during which it has been privileged to see more women naked than I have. Don’t get me wrong. You see, when you are a bachelor, even married friends occasionally use your bedroom for short term bonding with their illegal women. I cannot complain because some of the ladies agree to come again, to also serve me for being a good host the first time, making it a win-win situation

My once stable bed has been a platform for panel beating, servicing the small, medium, and mature coomers. It has been a cocktail of erotic sexual orgies, leaving my bedroom with the sickly smell of the old Eastleigh town.

Now that crush has agreed to see me privately this coming weekend, I will get a new mattress and bedding. I don’t want her to know that her best friend Phoebe has been a casualty of this same bed. Phoebe’s Somali spray has had it’s fair share of my bedroom’s theme since she visited 3weeks ago. I wonder what they use to make that spray.

NB: Copied

Godoro inafaa kubadilishwa after 2 years of excessive use ,geuza upside down,turn it around head to feet,until all four corners have been used three times(three months)each

Now that you have said it, a friend of mine borrowed my spanners three weeks ago saying his bed has become squeaky. Him and his wife are teachers.

Hujambo mukubwa wa ktalk

Poa sana.

Huwa si-entertain huu upus. Kama huna mahali pa kupeleka maliar yako basi kufa na blue ball zako. Mkuje kustain na kusweat kwa kitanda yangu mkiniachia infection hazieleweki? Ghaseer.

Slumberland na Dr Mattress ni 6 years.

Tunajua huwezi taka kitanda yako inuke female, we know you are a fucking fag

Personally I book hotels, I don’t turn my house into a whoring dungeon, it is my safe heaven so I cannot abuse it by hosting filthy perverts

Inakaa nilikutomba mattercore ndio “mkajua” mimi ni fag.

you keep shouting yourself hoarse how you take it deep inside your tail, usinikosee heshima Kijana nisikasirike

Kwani ukikasirika utafanya nini? Kama unataka nikufire sema, sio ku-beat about the bush kama mwanamke.

I have never been able to bring myself to booking a hotel esp. Kama niko home ground…

It’s so bad hadi I can’t allow a female to indulge in my favourite drink, Southern comfort. Hao nawashikianga bond 7 kama anakata maji…

Kweli covid-19 umeleta umasikini


Fika bei ununue spring ya Dr. Mattress. When all cum is drained,your back will thank you.

Ehh Bana, chukua mattress ya fibre, na package ya duvet ina bedsheets na pillows za fibre
Thank me later!

Siongei za springs kijana,hizo si za wazee kama mimi. Natumia memory foam chini naweka ile wembe ya high density for shock absorbing :D:D:D

Hama kwanza kutoka kwa wazazi,uwache kulipiwa fees na kudeenya madame saa ile wazazi wameenda shuguli then ukuje hapa na bei ya godoro yako. Ok ,son?

Sawa kiongoss.