Hekaya za Valentine

So my friend has been smashing this lass for almost an year…
Now Jana they met up kama kawaida and just before penetration the woman asks the ninja to wear a condom… Something they haven’t been using for like 2-3 months… So mjulus just went flacid and my guy has not been okay since. Woman anasema she has no major reason for asking the guy to use a condom… My thoughts is that the Kunguru has been nyanduliwad raw recently

Wadau mnaonaje?

Yaani alikuambia uvae cd


Ambia the guy its him against the world :smiley:



I have told the ninja not to touch that puthy again…

Boss. Sisi sio wajinga. Sema you have decided to never touch that pussy again.

Homosexual use your real handle coomer ya mamako

Hio tupa, its just a matter of time before uletewe ugonjwa hapo

That woman is caring. She doesn’t want to infect the young man with whatever she picked from somewhere. Majority wont care.

I believe that woman genuinely cares for that guy. Just let her have her way till whatever she has clears.
Na jamaa ajifunze kucover tracks akiumana nje.

stop reading too much. maybe she was not on the pill

She suspects your friend has been chewing other girls raw. Could be she heard some rumors.

Or shes the one who got chewed na hajui kama alipata kaswende asishikwe

Yes, might be any of the two scenarios

… Hii ndio shida ya Kuwa na over load ya Nyege… Tafuta Arimis kama umekosa Shoga wa kufira… acha kusumbua watu… Malaya wewe

Malaya ni mamako natomba kila siku
Tumia real handle meffi

Wewe Ni shonde tu, itabidi I call your mum and your aunts for an orgy alafu wewe nikuchunishe sukuma baadae… Kihii

Meanwhile lamba Mjulus like the good boy you are…