Hekaya Safi:Mawakili,Bunge la mwananchi Vs Landlord Menace

Mawakili na Bunge La Mwananchi, I have this landlord who “handed” us over to a housing Broker/Agent without consent or agreement between the Landlord and us.
Vuteni mkeka niwaambie,”the broker”(No Face or Identity for this)then came up with an agreement for us to sign.
I declined because I could possibly be signing and attaching identifying material to myself unknowingly.
End month (1st month under a “broker”) came and the security/home-car wash/kichimbi cha mabibi zenu wenye mko Quatar guy,advised me to pay the money to a KCB A/C and forward text to this “brokers “ guy number.
I failed to do that when my due date came(15th).
Next morning 7am)“broker” calls me and threatens me of locking my house.(16th). I was out of town,team building with your wives. I didn’t let him get away with it and tell I him I will forward him later that day as I was busy,then.He proceeds to lock the house as the kichimbi entertainment,says. I pay rent on the 17th.He goes and unlocks the house(17th evening).
I get back and realize things are serious.

This month on the 15th he texts a loose greating.
No answer from me.
Next text ,says”forward text of payment confirmation”. I inquire which of my utilities and he just says “ok”.
I later tell him to “get a life nigga” and tell him to communicate like an adult.
Later I told him that he was too idle.
16th jioni I pay rent and refuse to forward it to anyone,instead they should get texts from the bank for every deposit,phone number,transactions code. Apana sumbua sisi oblongata yetu.
16th bado proceeds to lock house,as per kichimbi,I text the landlord telling him I’ll move out mid next month. I also complain about the “broker”.No response from him.(He’s probably a smart thug”na siwapi ideas.Elewa swali).
I’m again out town this time but heading back later that day.
17th I’m in Nairobi but not home,kunguru hafugiki. I
19th early morning I come to a locked house. I break the padlock and plan to report for possible stalking to later terrorize me…
I break the stupid padlock and get into the house.
Maswali ya mawakili
1.Sijui padlock ni ya nani
2.No official communication from landlord
3.Huyu mtu anani text anadhani mimi ni bibi yake?
4.Who can I file this complaint with.
5.Can I sue the owner of the property?”broker”
6.Asubuhi nashikwa kwa makosa yapi?
7.What if I lock myself in with another padlock(now2) and call police for falsé imprisonment by owner & agent?
8.Deposit ni “view sasa”au?.
9.Natafuta nyumba Langata au southC.
10.I will leave before the 15,lock all the house doors and re appear on refund of deposit only au niweke sink zote plaster and let them be. Including toilet seats and drainages.
Au ni dalili za kutajirika nijenge kwangu

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ION; Kunguru Hafugiki
A crow can’t be domesticated.

Hamisha hio keja mujamaa wa qatar akikuom back apate tu uwanjo. Don’t forget kumwachia hio padlock ya agent apo chini

Unakaa tenant wa kusumbua probably why the landlord had to use an agent

Simply forward the payment message and you could have saved alot in terms of time and money. Kwani just forwarding a payment message will it break your bank or what? Next time work smart instead of working hard on breaking a useless padlock

Either wewe ni tenant sumbua ama your fellow tenants ndio sumbua so landlord akaona ajiondolee hiyo headache na awachie someone else the hustle of dealing with the lot of you.
Hata ni mzuri anawapea Hadi 15th. Wengine ikifika 5th na hujalipa fine ishakuwa factored in and increases for each day not paid from 5th.
He’ll get bank messages but it doesn’t kill you to send him

Just pay and send him confirmation. Less headache on yourself. He could be dealing with 100s of tenants.

Mimi ndio nalipa 15th because I moved in at such a date one year ago.
Others are given a grace period of 5 days (1st-5th) mimi sina ata hio grace period

I would do that vizuri if the “broker” communicated like an adult…lakini juu anabehave kama he owns the world si kila mtu afanye job yake.
Job yangu ni kulipa,job yake ni kuenda bank kuangalia kama tumelipa

If you happened to be a tenant in a bonobo’s abode who typically sees no essence In clear communication, why would you go ahead and harbor the same kind of pettiness? It’s just forwarding mamehn.

Asante kwa mawaidha yako.We might not know who’s the dumb one if I push further.

It’s you…even without pushing further


I agree.

Very fast