OK, if you have never climbed someone in the office, or have never been climbed in the office, do not cast a stone on the guy from UG…I mean, DJ Creme was the SI unit for poor performance, and just like that this NTV guy has let him off the hook…

Sometime in Feb and March there was this persons I ate in the office severally. She is wife of owner and the reason I had to eat in office is because she was only available after 5PM and for only a few minutes… Personally I believe in going home at exactly 5 PM because the company does not belong to m grandmother and extending my time in the office wunt earn me an extra penny… BUT when this persons entered box, my workmates noted that I dont go home early…

On the first day it was rather awkward. We had not talked logistics of climbing in office although she had severally said am her kind of nigga… I had also not climbed person in office before and I dint know how to make a move… I played some funny videos on YouTube and told her to sit on my lap as we watch… One clip led to the other and soon we were watching those pornhub clips…

Things escalated quickly, kissing, touch touching each other and stuff… She was comfortable about whatever we were doing, so probably not her first time… She was wearing a flared dress, I placed her on my bosses’ table and pulled down her pink thong…I followed the same script as out NTV guy and soon I pulled down my pants down to knee level.

Even before I entered lion into cookie jar I started sweating. I was imaging many things. What if the boss has a hidden camera in the office?..What if someone decide to walk in??..Maybe the people on Murang’a Road can see our shadows…!!.. In short I was panicking… And since this was unplanned I was to go battle without ammunition and hit it raw.

The moment I inserted head of lion into cookie jar, my body started vibrating. I did not even make 3 good strokes… I nut in less than 6 seconds… The persons was mad at me… She had risked her matrimony and many other things for just 6 seconds of pleasure and sweat??..I know she is reading this, but hey, she understood that office was not the best place for climbanaring…Two days later I faked sickness and din’t report to work… She also did the same and for a whole day I climbed her properly and redeemed myself… I ate her 3 more times and stopped because it is not good to eat wife of owner…

My point though, it is not easy to climb in office… But that nigga is a moron as well… We all got sex tapes, but why keep a sex tape of such a mediocre performance???.. There was a day when in College Daniel Kamau almost leaked one of my poor peformance clips and from that day i learnt to keep them safe… Given a second chance and under room temperature and favorable conditions, our NTV guy would as well redeem himself…

Councillor Njuguna Njohi/facebook

sasa story ya 2002 unaweka hapa ya nini?

2002 ulikuwa wapi?..amba ndani ya izo scrotum ulikuwa kulikuwa na wifi ndani

Hivi ndivyo Wanjohi anajiita siku hizi?

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Tuko fb kasee.

this hekaya was here sometime ago , probably sourced from here or whoever posted had sourced it FB but with no pic , sketch or illustration, it never happened.

Wanjohi’s blogspot went silent…, used to make for interesting sexcapades

kuna wanjohi na Njuguna sometimes they refer to each other