Hekaya: how my male relative was oppressed by the wife

The two met while they were still in high school and fell heads over heels for each other. They were inseparable from the start. They looked as happy as a lark. They would visit each other very early in the morning when the birds were still chirping merrily. After several years of dating, they decided to start living together as man and wife. But even before the cohabitation, there was a lurking issue. The woman would demand a lot of money for her own use and for her family.
They already had a child when they started living together. Two years into the marriage, they were blessed with another bundle of joy. The woman became kind of lazy and left almost all the house chores to the man. He would even go to the river to fetch water with a Jerry can. He would cook for the wife and kids. He would even wash the babies clothes. He would even wash the nappies. He would even light the charcoal burner. This became too much and the fellow men in the clan intervened.


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Sawa Dr

The wordings of this story is better told to class 6 pupils. I can picture Mbuta sitting on a desk surrounded by children eager to learn from his misfortunes. But even they would agree that Mbuta is undoubtedly among the lowest IQ fellas ever conceived.




Hekaya za abunwasi na hadithi nyinginezo.

“They were inseparable from the start …”…achia hapo. hii ni simp ya kukaliwa hadi na watoto wake

Isn’t that a sign of true love?

Love is basically lust imeomoka, hits you like a sand ferrying lorry then leaves you with bundles of ‘joy’ and your customized cell warden.

If there

True love is a myth. If there was true love how come no one falls in love with the fat ugly chick in the village or mtaani?

Chief Cousin

Paramount one, Kwani it has bitten each other again? Si u cut your losses.

Ukiskia a man akiongea story ya love jua huyo ni Beta male

yes, he loves her but i dont think she loves him as much.