Hekaya. Adventures of a whoremanizer: The chatterbox

[Kazi hii haiishi bana. Nimechoka. Wacha niache hii hekaya hapa nikirelax kidogo.]

When we decided to leave eXcape club I did not realise it was already 2am. My friend was quite drunk. I found him leaning against my car throwing up.

In the next club I forced him to take water.

My eyes came to rest on a petite black face. A tiny compact chick with a rather shapely figure, tiny mouth and very very black face. The last time I had met her she was in the company of her college mates and we had had an interesting conversation near the gents which left me in stitches.

I waved at her. She waved back. She was sitting next to an older fat and shapeless light skinned girl. She too waved, and I gave her a thumbs up back.
We left together at around 4am after having danced a bit.

We dropped my friend at his place…rather loaded maafaka that one. Double gate. He put the key in the gate and swang it open and three tiny dogs (terriers or whatever they are called came out jumping over each other to greet their master. I thought such breeds of dogs stayed indoors. This nigga keeps them as guard dogs?

Heheheee… Anyway.

So, we drop the fat girl and proceed to the hotel room. Usual stuff, drop on the bed, girl comes and lies on you with her dress and shoes still on and starts stupid talk etc

Moments later after wrestling a bit, some clothes off, thong mostly off but still hanging on one leg, I want to hit it doggie style. CD. Spread the cheeks. I take a peek. I can see the asshole. I can see the pussy lips. I can’t see the pussy hole. Sioni. This chick has a pussy hole tinier than full stop. But it looks ok down there. I proceed.

Na inaingia tu rahisi. WTF?


Lakini no moaning. Just talking endlessly. Anapiga story za club mpaka anacheka. Hekaya za mwenzake the fat one. Flip her over, kunja her…she a bit breathless and is still trying to converse…I mwaga like a nonsense. Change CD. Na anaendelea na mastori. Naingia. Anaendelea na mastori. Kitu inalala. Inatoka. Najaribu kuingisha…inakataaa. Chatterbox bado inaendelea hapo…

Najaribu kuweka tena…kitu sasa imelala kabisaaaaaa. She starts laughing. I flip her back to doggie style and cane her with the limb dingling on her tanyes mpaka the thing wakes up. Doggie, anachoka anaanguka naangukia yeye natuanga from spoon position like for ever. She is still talking. Hanyamazi.


Salaaaala. Nini mbaya ni huyu mtu.

Namwaga. Kuangalia saa ni 530am. I drift to sleep shortly after and leave her still chattering away.


Sijasoma lakini nashuku wewe @thesavage umeachana na maraya coz of khupipi

Wanakuom! …utaambiwa vitu hapa ushangae


hata sketch

Hizi hekaya za umeffi copypasted tumia uwesmakende kwa inbox

Hadithi bila blueprint pigia Radio Jambo uropoke saitan!

In my 90 years of phucking sijawai tomba Dem na anaongea stories unrelated as if hakuna kitu tunafanya . mwenye alikaribia Ni ule Malaya umetomba one hour humwagi anaanza kuzusha uongeze pesa but hio Ni complaint related

Either Mboro yako Ni ndogo or Mboro yako Ni ndogo neither Mboro yako Ni ndogo nor Mboro yako Si kubwa no sooner had Mboro yako kuwa ndogo than Mboro yako ikawa ndogo

No homo

Na hata huyo wa one hour huwa anakusaka akurushie ka freebie juu ya delivery service

[QUOTE=“thesavage, post: 2465787, member: 33600” …has a pu**y hole tinier than full stop…[/QUOTE]

:D:D Zile vitu me husoma hapa

2 inches. That’s all you need. ( scientific fact). And a fat wallet. The pleasure receptors are all within 1.5 inches of the vaginal opening. The rest is self gratification on the man. The woman does not need it.

Clearly you have never been with women who grab your buttocks and pull you so hard against them you can hardly move and at that time the shaft is so deep inside it’s almost touching their intestines.

Saile wanakuja yeah.

this is a very empty life

Bruh no offense but have a weak ass game in the sack.