Hehehehe some people are funny

MZEE mujinga kubali umemiss mzito mathighs na uheshimu wazee usibaki umemea pembe kwa matako brari fuakni chieth

mzee kama umemiss tarimbo ya maathai’s muinbox ,brare fukin gay

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I am @Maathais

You have a small penis.

You clearly miss the guy… I can bet my two balls on that.

Wewe ni nani kwanza? o_O Story ya balls zako jiekee

kubali umemiss huyo jamaa, we won’t judge you.

halafu your left ball ikishinda?:D:D:D:D:D:D


@Mzee mzima ulifanya KCSE 2016? Umepata ngapi kijana??:D:D:D

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Bure wewe, next year uhame bedsitter za ngara, nishakujua in real life

:D:D:D:DHiyo ni wewe ama ni D- inatype? Dont hate Matiangi, hate the game


Mzae usijali, utampatAko

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I didn’t know one can fear a visit by angel of death this much. @Mathaais tiga wana

That listing must have struck sth in him or sth going on in his life. I won’t judge but pple need to really accept we will die eventually. If not today, tomorrow. It’s not a pleasant topic but it’s part of our life. Who’s to say he is still around? kuna mtu anamjua in real life? I sure hope so.
Wee MM leave @Mathaais :rolleyes:…he is gd pple!


Two pussies supporting another one, this is what we want :smiley:

@Maathais yuko humu humu…belie dat. Even those females who went MIA like akina Purr27 , Aviator wako humuhumu with new handles… i know Purr27 changed her handle cz of constant attacks by Lichoti who used to call her pastor malaya whenever she showed up. hizi tu females zimeingia uzi akina jegen, reyrey and many more…pay a close eye on them

hii information ni ya nini midget?