Hehehehe some people are funny

Who remembers this comment?

jamaa wanted to begged to stay akapatana na matusi kilo mbili. :D:D

Here he is waiting for people to miss him


When his cry for attention didn’t work, he was back with another handle the next day. He is @Ole_Wenu now :D, first he was mathice, he went to mathaais now its ole wenu

pwegegegegege napenda sana, tears of joy :p:D:D




I know of Mathaais the same way I know Gashwin, Meria, Jirani, Uwesmake, Guru, Admin, Deorro, Bingwa, jamaa wa big penis and many others.
But it’s a free world. Choose what you want to believe.



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don’t you miss him!

Mkubwa aweke link,hii ilinipita pia

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Ya nini?

Ilinipita. And the way I know Mathais supermarket, sio msee WA kurudi nyuma. Akisema amechomoka believe him


Pwegegege si una ufala :D:D

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Haha…mathais alidai ataenda since March 2015, can’t recall which thread. Lakini venye namjua he can’t be @Ole_Wenu , that one I can bet with my left ball.


I guess you’ll be one nut less very soon. Major characteristics of mathaais, he is a staunch jubilee supporter and hates raila like satan, he sucks uwesmake’s dick everytime ata akitusiwa mkia anakunja, he’s always grumpy etc. This ole wenu guy joined just after mathaais posted that comment, coincidence? Nope

Hehehe…ni ukweli but mathaais anakuaga na mafeelings mob sana. The language he uses also is different from ole wenu guy.

Niaje @ksamurai

Very strange.
You claim no one is missing him then go ahead to dig up his posts and comments.
Who are you fooling?


Naku miss. Njoo nikukamue

Sir, you have been out of character in the last two or so days. Please, get back to who you were initially! Jana ilikuwa “You have a small penis”, leo…


Lighten up msee

…Kdf rink ya akizua ama reincarnation from @Mathaais to @Ole_Wenu???:D:D:D

Not so fast and not so crudely.