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[SIZE=5][B]Governors demand probe of Ouko auditors’ lifestyles[/B][/SIZE]
Ouko defends his officers against claims of impropriety, says complaints channels open.
Auditor General Edward Ouko.
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Governors have said that rogue auditors are soliciting bribes while ignoring key documents, claims that could soil the credibility of the powerful office of the Auditor General.
In the last financial year only two counties — Makueni and Nyandarua — were given a clean bill of health by auditors but most counties were cited for blatant misuse of taxpayers’ money.
The governors spoke to the Star yesterday as it emerged that 14 more county chiefs are to be questioned by senators this month. Beleaguered Migori boss Okoth Obado is scheduled to appear before the Senate next Monday.

[SIZE=5]Audit puzzle as eight counties budget for 'State House’[/SIZE]
In Summary
[li]Questions raised on whether Controller of Budget conducted due diligence on expenditure proposals sent by governors[/li][li]But Council of Governors chairman Oparanya dismisses bizarre expenditures as propaganda to tarnish county bosses[/li][/ul]
PROPAGANDA: Council of Governors chair Wycliffe Oparanya
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Eight more counties made bizarre allocations in their budgets similar to that of Kiambu county, shining the spotlight on expenditure by the devolved units.
A review of their statements for financial year 2017-18 reveals an alarming trend where the devolved units have set aside funds for functions beyond their purview.
Kitui, Kakamega, Garissa, Kirinyaga, Kwale, Lamu, Nyamira, and Samburu are among the counties which made allocations for State House Affairs (Ifmis code 704000000) and Government Advisory Services (703000000).

The counties did not present a breakdown of what was approved for the programmes or sub-programmes, raising questions on why the approvals were not flagged by concerned budget offices.
Counties set aside cash for the administration of payments for retired presidents, and for Kenya-South Sudan Advisory Services.
The concern is on what the monies were spent on - after State House denied sharing budgets with counties - and whether the Office of the Controller of Budget conducted due diligence on the expenditure proposals sent by governors for approval.

“A review of their statements for financial year 2017-18 reveals an alarming trend where the devolved units have set aside funds for functions beyond their purview.”

-So, did they spend the money? (seeing as there was budget for 2018/19 and they are currently preparing budgets for 2019/20?

Mimi sijui!!!
Ma opinion? Scrap the office of the auditor general! Why should we still keep it while we never act on the numerous reports they keep on giving us everyday?

having set aside is mischievous enough…

Mischief by who and to what end? At what stage were the lines of figures introduced? These are the questions I expect the media to have found answers to instead of compounding the confusion.

Corruption fighting back…
I can see audit queries have been raised but instead of the responsible officers addressing them they are busy making counter accusations. And the media should have done better than this…get people to find out if the accusations are indeed true…whether the funds were misused or not.
That doesn’t mean OAG officers are incorruptible…there is a big case going on against one senior officer but the media hasn’t mentioned it! Like all institutions we can’t expect everyone at that office to be safi kama pamba…lakini kazi wacha wafanye…I can see they are making very many governors uncomfortable.

Wewe acha bangi, kwani how do you think the dci and DPP get their info?