Hehehe. Mr. TMI

Cheki this is exactly what I’m talking about. As if there is any adult on ktalk who has never heard of mgongo wazi…:rolleyes:

And the fellow he is trying to school I believe is a jeng’ . :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


"Mgogo wasi is a byproduct of fish. You take the fish and slice off the steak making sure you protect your hands.

The white man eats the steak while the black man is left with the bones otherwise known as mgogo wasi. Here in Rumuruti where I have rad, we are deeply distressed by this kind of racism. I have started a local sacco to support the youth in cobating mgogo wasi racism. The main aim is to emphasise the benefits of eating fish steak within the community. Here in my homerad of Rumuruti I also grow seedrings and shoots. My moso bamboo crops are doing very well thanks you asked. I may not have rad but God the creator is weothy. In my famiry we do not eat mgogo wasi. We ejoy fish firret rike everybody else. My famiry has pride and seof esteem. Rast year I may have mentioned here that we did not make it to Mombasa… but this year God wirring, I wirr try my refo best to avail sufficient resources to my dearest lover and take her down to Mombasa where she can bathe in the life giving springs of…"


Mharo…kauze mkundu pale Seattle.

Si ulijifanya ku-ignore last year ati umepanda bei huongeleshi patco tena… :D:D:D

Hadi ukaanza kujifanya unajua kuongea kizungu ati umepata manners… sasa tena umerudi?!

I noticed ulikuwa unalengwa sana na ktalk wazungus. Stay in your lane @Wanaruona . Usijifanye mtu wa kizungu.

Last year @Wanaruona discovered English and stopped being a chokosh troll overnight.

He even stopped visiting news & politics so he does not associate with “some people”. :D:D:D

Jamaa namwuona hadi technology section akijaribu his best English and best manners nikashindwa weh is that @Wanaruona I see ?

He knows computers??!


Hata salamu hataki. Alipanda bei. Hapendi nonsense. Ameokoka.

Maliza hiyo shagzmondo takataka

:D:D:D Kanda ya Rumuruti.

Ghasia ukirudi republic nitafute we settle our scores once for all. Wewe I will make sure nimekung’oa Meno nne za mbele.

Na saa hizo nimeweka meno hapo mbele na nimefunga macho nisione unking’oa, sio?

Ni mikono niweke nyuma na hadi pliers nikuletee, na nikwambie, zing’oe brathe… sio?

:smiley: Fangi is one hell of a drug.

Wewe ni punch to tatu. Jab jab right chini.