Hehehe: Fears mount on Trump's 'rigged election' rhetoric

Donald Trump is laying the groundwork to lose on Nov. 8, refuse to concede the election, and teeter the country into an unprecedented crisis of faith in government. Republicans and Democrats, in Washington and beyond, fear that the aftermath of the 2016 election will create a festering infection in the already deep and lasting wound that the campaign is leaving on America.

And, they say, only Republican leaders who speak up will have any chance of stopping it.

“Polls close, but can you believe I lost large numbers of women voters based on made up events THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Media rigging election!” Trump tweeted Sunday morning in response to the latest round of numbers showing him behind.


[SIZE=5]Raila claims plot to rig 2017 general elections


[SIZE=4]The former prime minister further said CORD will go to court to challenge “retrogressive amendments” that aim to hand the President powers to appoint and dismiss Chief Justice and the Inspector General of Police.

The Opposition leader was speaking during a press conference he had convened to give the “State of the Nation Address.”[/SIZE][SIZE=5][/SIZE]

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This foolish mungiki eats, drinks and sleeps RAILA

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Both of them are fear peddlers.



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That even Jirani can bear me witness. We have totally different styles.


They are both Mungikis

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But different Shiny eyes. @Nattydread is a veteran of the forumsphere . A serious and focused debater a quintessential Laila-will-nefer-mbe-plisident-ist. He is withholding his energies and prowess on this forum for reasons only known to him. We expect to see this never-say-die passion maybe during the campaign. You ain’t seen nothing yet.


Vipi Kipii?




@Koolibah, you flatter me Bro! I spent a huge amount of energy on the ICC manenos, on RCBowen and www.nipate.com. Depending on how he behaves, JaKuon will be my focus until the day in 2017 when we wave him goodbye from politics forever.

P.s. There is a guy called ‘ignored member’ stalking me.


i see him too:D:D:D:D

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hehehe, why are you ignoring your member.


Midget, wachana na mapure blood am a home moto