Hehe huyu apatiwe kazi?kweli "n" jumbilee haifanyi any

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[SIZE=6]Raila Odinga jobless sister begs for work[/SIZE]
By Brian Guserwa Friday, Nov 11th 2016 at 08:37

Beryl Odinga
Many Kenyans did not expect the election of Donald Trump as US president.

However, Beryl Odinga, the jobless sister to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, is happy that the world now has a ‘Messiah.’

“Mr Trump, please come and open a Trump Towers in Westlands…,” she said during an interview with The Nairobian , adding that, “…and uplift the plight of the Kenyan people.”

Beryl, who revealed that she isn’t employed anywhere, said she would willingly take up an offer to work for Trump.

[li]The Odingas: A family of crusading firebrands[/li][/ul]
Come January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will take over from Barack Obama as leader of the most powerful nation on earth. That, according to Beryl Odinga, would be a Godsend event, since the Obama presidency was “the worst thing to have ever happened to America and Kenya.”

Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, who openly supported the candidacy of Donald Trump, is one of the most brilliant men Beryl says she has ever encountered because “he has the capacity to analyse and note all these negative things about Obama. He can see through the hypocrite.”

She added that, “Obama never did anything for Africans. The most memorable thing Obama ever did when he came to Africa was to flirt with some white woman during Mandela’s funeral. As president, Obama sat back and watched his aunt get harassed by the immigration department and he did nothing, yet Zaituni was terminally sick,” scoffs Beryl.

She has asked Us President-elect Donald Trump to employ her
Zeituni was Obama’s aunt who was nearly deported from the US in 2008 after being found to be an illegal immigrant. A court later granted her citizenship before her death in April 2014.

“Obama’s father was my neighbour in Woodly, Nairobi,” she recalls. “He was a wife batterer, a reckless man and never provided for his family. There are days his family would go without food for days on end, and our family would at times have to step in and give them food…I used to separate Obama Senior and his American wife Ruth whenever they were fighting, which was all the time…” She claimed. She added that she knew all the women Obama’s father married.

When Obama came to Kenya as Senator of Illinois in 2006, the people of Kogelo slaughtered fattened cows and “the Kogelo people blessed him and he won the presidency, then he forgot about them,” charges Beryl. She notes that “some of the people in Kogelo are the poorest of the poor.

There are no schools, no hospitals, and he has done nothing for Africans ever since he became president.” When Obama became president “he came to Kenya, chose his own hotel and refused to ride in the same car with our president in his specially fitted White House car.”

Beryl also took issue with Obama for embarrassing Martha Karua during his visit to Kenya. “He gave the opposition a few hours and then went ahead and discussed publicly what he had discussed with them in private, in the process, demeaning a very well respected lawyer. I believe Karua should be the first female president of Kenya.”


[SIZE=7]"[/SIZE]Senior Principal Magistrate, Ms Lucy Nyambura withdrew the charges after confirming that Ms Odinga was present in court, as she had earlier ordered. Ms Odinga’s lawyer Mr Mugambi Imanyara did not oppose the application to have the charges withdrawn. Ms Odinga was charged in connection with a Sh1.5 million property belonging to Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme, along with Mathews Tuikong, Ephantus Githui and Carolyne Nyororo. The charge stated that on various dates between March 6, 2009 and January 18, 2011 at KRSRBS offices, being the board’s chairperson, she unlawfully acquired Sh1,512,653 from funds set aside for providing pension and other benefits to members, contrary to the scheme regulations.[SIZE=7]"[/SIZE]

Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2000050835/state-withdraws-charges-against-ms-odinga


Hii mentality ya serikali saidia itaisha lini ? monkey trader ampatie kazi ya kuosha choo kibera

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There are no schools, no hospitals, and he has done nothing for Africans ever since he became president.”

So she expected Obama to come build and “commission” hospitals? No wonder some people try to avoid their “relatives” who feel entitled to a slice of your wealth


Its good that obama did nothing what about his brother who was in kenya as a pm do to kogelo peoples.

She sounds like a loose cannon.

Obama won the presidency by his own effort.

Why don’t the Kogelo people “bless” babuon ndio akuwe president? chieth


I can bet even rao ignores her…

Every family has its own Black Sheep. Ata the Obamas wako na Malik.

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So sad… Si arudi home tu

Uncle Obama ni msafi kama pamba. Bitter underachievers will always yap. Kila mtu akule bidii yake. Kwanza ana’comment story za Obama si atuambie brathake anatusaidiaje sasa?

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shenj type watu wanaiba birrions, hair technicians carting away mirrions in sacks, ps buying whole newspaper publications to kill stories, chicken sellers building 2b pigstys and he steals a paltry 1.5 smfh

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Just a petty thief but the family had to pull strings to have case terminated.

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and his brother is always the first to cry foul about stolen public funds