Nicklas Bendtner or Lord Bendtner is one of the most trolled footballer in the world.H. I believe he first got the nickname “Lord Bendtner” when he started dating Baroness Caroline Luel-Brockdorff in 2009. Caroline is a member of the Danish royal family and owns Valdemars Castle - Denmarks largest home which has museums, restaurants and art galleries inside.


how i fear for ibra also…

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You have fallen for Arsenal overhyping their players

i started supporting the biggest CLUB even before i was born…MANCHESTER DAMU NA MKOJO

wewe jaluo wachana na Arsenal!! kwani Bendtner bado anachezea team ya uzito Arsenali?

Pale Chelsea si mko na player wetu ambae tulibuild (Fabregas) but we never mention him. Ile siku Arsenal ilipakua Chelsea 3-0 so many Chelsmeffi fans were cursing why they sold Petr Cesc

Amewashindia kikombe gani?

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HEHE:D:D:D he was a total fail compared to what he had set in mind


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