Hehe Hawa Watu Hawako Sawa


Sa ju hawako Sawa unataka tufanye?

Vile Scrotum ameuliza

endelea kufunguliwa mkoodoo na chupa za roysambu na uache kusumbua

Just when AOC thought she’s Extreme… :D:D:D

She is making sense. She wants someone to say that she is crazy, so that she can demonstrate that she is in perfect company.

[SIZE=5]What’s True[/SIZE]
A woman at a town hall event held by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez abruptly stood up and suggested “eating babies” to combat climate change.
[SIZE=5]What’s False[/SIZE]
However the woman wasn’t an AOC supporter, nor was she actually suggesting eating babies to combat climate change. She apparently was working at the behest of a fringe conspiracy group with a history of such stunts. They stated their intent was to troll Ocasio-Cortez.

yet, you’re lacking in proof

Fact check:

Did an AOC Supporter Suggest 'Eating Babies' to Fight Climate Change? | Snopes.com

They do it all the time.

unless you have specific proof the woman is a plant. you’re a liar. btw since you like links so much, here’s one for you

Snopes on brink as founder accused of fraud and lying | Daily Mail Online

[SIZE=6]The LaRouche PAC took credit for the Jonathan Swift-style trolling.[/SIZE]

You seem like someone who can fit in there well. Join here: :stuck_out_tongue:


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do you have proof outside of hearsay? a document/ memo/ email/ photo/document/ sound recording?