Hehe...Hapa kuna ndume itaokotwa...Man dressed as a woman spotted in a club


Mahn i wish there was a serial killer who would go around killing all faggots
I would fund him generously


Whoever overlooks the extended lower jaw that looks massive like an Odemwingie’s and the cross-eyes and goes for that has a special talent for overlooking things.


You need therapy. Such deep hatred is usually rooted in secret admiration.


Mzee @Kanguthi is trying his luck :green_emoji:


We mnatty speak for yourself battybwoy
I’ll never understand men who abandon the sweetness of pussy to go fuck a mans behind …you are a disgrace to fellow men you deserve death by a bullet fagget

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You’re assuming she’s trying to trick men when there are men who are into shemales. For instance, as a dim eye, does it make a difference in any case?

What’s wrong for one being a faggot ?, why not direct that energy to the corrupt ?

Big, Red-hot, spiked metallic rod is needed here, izungushwe anticlockwise.

The corrupt spend that money on slay queens and side chicks money worth spent on pussy si kuchokorana sewage kama ghaasiaaa

Mboro na mikundu za wengine za kuhusu nini?

Go argue with your fellow homosexuals na uko kwenyu

You’re unconsciously fixated with men butthole and peni$, it’s a high time you came out of the closet, or why should you talk about it ?


You win online stranger you win now go spread your cheeks like the bitch you are and get the fuck gone

Kizee, why are you so borhered with my butthole and that other d!ck, while you know nothing about me ?
Do secretly admire being raped by 2 strong fishermen from lake Victoria ?