hehe, finally, Arrested for breaking the law

broken tail light cover
sitoi ata ndururu


@pamba my fren i now have to question your training.
bulb is working but cover is broken, what is my traffic offense,
nijibu kabla nipige hawa mapolisi na nikutumie findeo

Si kwa ubaya… How old are u guys? Nini hizi sasa


careless driving. anyway mbicha ama ni mapombe zako tu.

Toa kakitu wacha kusumbua afisa

If the police want to be that strict in enforcing traffic laws, then many of their police cars and those ugly breakdowns they use to tow away cars are all unroadworthy.
The second group of vehicles that shouldn’t be on the roads are kanjo pick ups and refuse trucks most of which don’t have any single light working.

There’s one legendary old 504 jalopy that plies the Ruaka-Runda-Kiambu triangle.

It hobbles along almost sideways at maximum 30 kph and you can often find the cops pushing it to go and ‘tega’ at a strategic location.


MMNN unasumbua. broken lights without a police abstract is an offence.
uko na shida kama huyu jamaa.


what about all those vehicles on the rd with one working tail light?

You have no idea

Or 2 flashing tail lights .:D:D:D