Heh! Wamama!

Wamama let’s not go down to such low levels surely but God bless her for coming clean and sorry dad shetani aliingia adi Peter na vile Yesu alikua a nampenda, just forgive. Ni shetani.

If you are fed up, just leave, don’t kill, don’t take someone to jail. Framing husband for rape via your child or sibling is so satanic hata Sijui. Just leave. Walahi munafanya tuogope relationships nyinyi married people with the things you do to each other, even killing innocent kids extremely satanic why are you people this selfish? Unajua mtoto juu Bibi amekukosea really? . May God deliver us from such evil.

@Finest wine


Will listen kesho. But gorra tell you one thing tho…when it comes to framing an ex, experts reside huku diaspora. Dudes are framed for ‘molesting’ their kids, women are accused of exposing their kids to indecent behaviour just because they moved on and the new boyfriend is sharing a bed…
And I am sure you know that little unhappy kids can tell very convincing lies…so they gonganisha parents at war easily.

Feel for that guy. Busy being a good husband,provider and protector then boom!

He wasn’t a good provider. His wife owns everything. She says it over and over. Listen. And that’s why he married her, she could help him solve his financial problems. Listen to what he says he saw in her. Women resent providing for men.

Provided dick and transport

Women eventually get tired of these role reversal relationshits and they end up hating the men and hating themselves and then they start cheating and drinking and from there it’s a free fall. You can only lie to yourself for so long. This resentment from hii mavumiliano and unmet expectations can frustrate a woman into even killing. Ni vile tuu she is kao he would be dead by now. I won’t mention the tribe least I’m told I hate them but this could have ended up alot more tragic than this for him.