Heckle and boo any politician talking succession politics. Switch off TV shows doing the same

Ladies and gentlemen the media and politicians are diverting national mood and energies to succession politics instead of nation building. It removes the national focus from development which is the only thing that can help most of us.
If this succession politics continue then nothing will be done in the next 3 years. The few who are still focused on development will feel panicky and start campaigning, especially if they have been interested in elective politics. And the rest of us will be the sufferers.
Juzi we saw election losers kama PK and Martha Karua are emerging from their hideouts. Kabogo appeared to be campaigning at JFK Live even when he was saying it’s not the time to do so.
Murathe sijui kama ni gun for hire kicked off the initial dust. Sijui kama ni dynasties who told him to say what he said for then to gauge the nation’s reaction?
Jana tu kuna nyang’au inaitwa Dennis Kiptoo who crossed the line na saa hii ako jela.
Kwanza hii stima bei inashuka lini juu sijaona any changes ama ilikuwa kata

I like this.

Today is when President Uhuru realized he has muddled already the 1st month of January in this very crucial year for his Big 4 agenda deliveries and development program. Now it is operating under a crisis which he made absolute worse by “Mshenzi” comment. CS have now been asked to report back Monday to rush through programs. Wenye mnangoja reshuffle mtangoja tu. Its very hard to return the genie in the bottle that is succession politics once you let it out.


No sir. We won’t do that. In my eyes, jubilee is a filthy pig that’s frying in its own fat

and you are dirty alshaitan chieth

Bingwa Abubakar by saying something is Haram as you did yesterday, you just could have said allahu akbar nugu hii. You are supposed to be a Hindu.

Filthy jubilant old pig get off my tracks

Just don’t watch local stations, its the only way