Hebu oneni huyu wadau

Huyu mama anasema a man above 28 years who dates any woman less than 25 years is a pedophile. Can you imagine! :D:D
Yaani ako bitter coz 18-24 years are getting the attention and she is getting none in her 30s. The wall, the wall.





Luckily there is such a thing as the LAW, which is explicit on age of consent (read paedophilia) thereby rendering useless any idle speculation on it by women on the last leg of the road to the wall

Cerebral Assassin killed it

Bana. What kind of reasoning is that yet women even marry at that age of 18-24 na huyu anasema ni watoto.

30 year old Komodo dragons
[SIZE=1]Kijana itaua mimi na mcheko[/SIZE]

Sasa mgeona vile wajakenjin wanatomba kwa fields za mahindi high-schoolers mungesema nini.

Highest child pregnancies ziko rift valley

Huyo Cerebral Assassin atafutwe aletwe hapa kwa kijiji akuwe member na apatiwe cheo cha VS. Digi can be demoted

Ulireport mboch ama ulipewa slices ukakuwa pussymatized? :smiley:

The feminazi echo chamber. But, most of them date men who are five years plus older than them.

Twitter is by far a leftist sh*thole

Komodo dragon:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Na ukichunguza vizuri utapata iyo kombamwiko ni singo mother probably impregnated by Subaru drivers kama fuck boy @Azor Ahai . Birds of the same feathers fly and fuck together.

Na ukichunguza vizuri utapata iyo KOMODO DRAGON ni singo mother probably impregnated by Subaru drivers kama f**k boy :smiley:

Kombamwiko look afadhali compare to this below


:D:D:D:D:D…komodo , dragon !!! That a good one

30 year old Komodo dragon… that nigga deserves no further introduction… he’s a legend

Siezi kula ata kuende aje. Reporting nilikosa njaro. Assessing the situation

Pursuing anything past 24 years ni kujikosea heshima. Kenya is a poor country which ofcourse means that most women past 24 have seen better days in terms of diet, deek and lifestyle.

Enyewe that’s a perfect comparison. Komodo dragon kill their preys by giving a nasty bite which has a lethal combinations of bacteria on their mouth. Similar to @Azor Ahai 's.mom eho uses her bad tongue to lash out agaibst her former lovers and poison her childre agaibst their numerous fathers. We know a child of moral decadence when we see one.

:D:D:Dalimyimwa slices akataka kureport mzee wa nyumba coz ni yeye hufyeka hio coomer Na fala inakam kutuenjoy vile ilipewa ikakataa. Only one person tunaeza amini alipewa coomer akazusha. The one and only @Kimakia sababu ni wa matina

Wakanesa, Unanikosea heshima

:DNiki WA nyumba?uhuana atia?