Heavy Rains

Heavy Rains have been experienced in Nairobi and surrounding areas, Ruiru has been raining from jana evening, n still going on.
We pray that all is well and that there is no loss of life and property.
Good day ktalkers


already in muranga a security guard died after a perimeter wall collapsed last night, na south sea naskia wameagizia ferry


subcounty imenyesha mpaka tuka ‘sullender’

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Huku rift valley imenyesha since jana saa saba.

,non existent sidewalks ,kienyeji drainage throughout Nairobi and most urban areas make walking a nightmare ,no wonder those who can afford would rather spend hours in traffic than get to the office looking like a shamba boy back from tilling the land.
Such simple things would go a long way in reducing the number of people who use personal cars in our urban areas .