Heavy duty


Sipendi shida za kujiletea mimi.


With these fatty bodies, they might not live to see their 60’s, and if a few of them might be lucky, Doctors will have a field day.

What is so difficult with some men respecting their money and dicks?

What length of mjulubeng is required to penetrate such flesh!? Asking for @Agwambo

I’ve chewed number 2 and the last one. I wouldn’t mind chewing the rest too

Hiyo iko na blue location ni gani

The last one anapatikana wapi mkuu




Poaching is illegal elders

On contrary this needs just 5cms with the right judo techniques , you squeeze her into a cabbage and the ikusde blossoms like a flower from behind,then even 3 cm will finish the hippo till it squits a river of fish.

Sounds scary, and for that reason I am out.

Hii ukikula unajaa ugali Kwa deek. Siwezi lipa more than 150

Imagine marrying a PYT then after some time she puts on this kind of weight. Some people need to be forced to work out.

stong hands
anakaa kukunja musendes akikipea handijob

I have eaten this one …annita uko pipeline

Nilikula Bibi ya mtu 3weeks ago…Anatoshana ivi…Not my type lkni nilisema kitu ikijileta nagonga…Alimwaga mpaka had to change sheets ndo we doze…Siku izi ananipigia days on end nilimharibu kichwa anataka second round