When Kanye was Kanye. I miss the old Kanye.



nimekuja mbio nikidhani ni hekaya…


yeah…gone are the days…my all time fav was ‘Cant tell me nothing’

Tell me one man who has dealt with those Kardashian family without going insane ?
1 Odom - alcoholic… basketball career kaput
2 Jenner - distorted sexual orientation
3 Kanye- mental breakdown more to come
4 Scott - alcoholic and suicidal
5 Tristan Thompson- loading …
6 Ray jay-good career but after sex tape…
7 Tiga-too many court cases after dealing with that family
8 OJ Simpson- you know the story

Hiyo Familia ni moto ya kuotea mbali

“Good Life” and “Good Morning” ndio zilinibamba Sana.

Actually nigga is back with a banger and currently doing good on the charts so its safe to say he broke the Kardashian curse

I Wonder, Homecoming, Stronger, The Glory

Good Morning has to be the best intro of all time, I truly miss the old Kanye.

Umbwa muzee

he doesn’t even know you

Ooh kwa ivyo anakujua eeh?

OJ alikuwa na nani?

funny how people admire and envy them celebrities

I think you are stupid. How many songs do you love? Do those artists know you??

i make my own

Ali date queen mother.

shida iko…sereh…brareh :meffi:

why waste time ukifuatilia maisha ya mtu

sikufuatilia…ni kuskiza music…