Heartbreaking News; Captured KDF Soldier Butchered in Al Shabaab Effort to Swing Election

C&P as obtained from http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/latest-american-canadian-detained-ahead-kenya-vote-49050995

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[I][B]9:45 p.m.

The al-Shabab extremist group has released a video showing the execution of a captive Kenyan soldier in what is called an attempt to influence Kenya’s presidential election on Tuesday.

The SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist organizations, says al-Shabab released the video showing the killing of Leonard Maingi Kiiyo on Saturday.

The extremist group is based in neighboring Somalia and has carried out dozens of attacks inside Kenya, including in recent weeks. Al-Shabab has called it retribution for Kenya sending troops to Somalia to fight the group.

Kiiyo was seized by al-Shabab in Somalia in January 2016. In the video he blames Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government for his death.[/B][/I]

very unusual timing shabab

What’s so unusual? haven’t you read what they are trying to do? Makin the poor soldier blame Uhuru and then slitting his throat?

he was shot in the face.

Sometimes back I heard from a respected VS here that alshabaab is powered by Railas. . .okay fuck :frowning:

ndo nimeona, ati choose leaders who will bring ‘peace’. all these strange happening are synchronized wacha tuone what is planned next

Al Shabaab would love to pit us against each other by supporting one side and hoping ghe other side takes the bait, be wise Kenyans, it’s a trap

yea, peace ni kutuletea vilipuzi kwa madrassa ya sunday school…

I just hope behind the scenes there was an attempted millitary rescue.

Hii kitu nimeimba hapa sana. The beheading of nine kenyans in Lamu and Nkaissery’s death the same morning wasnt a coincidence. The AS increased activity in lamu the last three weeks also isnt a coincidence. I talked of a prominent Kenyan dying before 8/8 in a thread barely 2hrs old. Sio huyu, that is still to come. Risasi ni moja imebaki

By you thinking it is raila who is killing people you are clearly accepting to play by shabab script of making us become enemies with each other

I wish i had the money, armor and followers.i would form a Christian based militia.enter zoomalia and butcher islamists.we can also fight for christ.ai iko nene…

My fren, i know a lot of things which you dont have the slightest idea of. Nyamaza tu

Wewe kenye unajua niko pick pocket watu town. Meffi hii

RIP soldier,

vitu zingine hazikuangi in black and white but a smart man can always connect the dots

Yes and Raila is the one who planned for the kidnap of the Jungus at coast that led to the decision to take KDF to Som. Sometimes its crazy what sycophancy can do to level headed people. Enyewe Kizungu mingi is not a sign of intelligence, difference yako na Pokot hajaenda shule ni nini?

Kalejinga kenye unajua ni kuamini moshene tuu

Choose your battles carefully, two wrongs don’t make a right.

KDF should contract Russia to drop 2 RDS-220 payloads in somaliland. Then KDF can sweep through with their fire spitters to mop up the remaining survivers.

I wouldn’t mention anyone but here we are diverse as Kenya gets. The one you are calling meffi here maybe your boss using a pseudoname. Here we have guys from As,NIS,GSU,AP,ARMY,AIRFORCE i have met some :D:(