Heartbreak in HIV + romance

There is noone who values relationships like a person born with HIV. This is heartbreaking.

Watu wawili wako na ukedi wakidinyana, hiyo ukedi hukuwa hybrid ukedi?


Undetectable. But reinfection might be a different strain

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There’s nothing like a relationship with no sexual-contact. 0% success rate past 6 months. That is the longest a man can stay sexually inactive before seminal fluids start looking for a spot to explode.


Santa klauz nikikosa kupewa coomermoco within the first week , I cut my loses , usidanganywe na hizi mbwa zinaitwa gheus, utanyimwa six months na kuna Jamaa anaichapa daily kama kibuyu ya supu hapo nyamakima


We have many good women out here…

But I have been in relationships for years with out sex, do you expect that a woman in college with no income of her own to risk pregnancy bcz she’s in a romantic relationship? Be serious. of course the men was probably sleeping with other women but what does that have to do with the relationship? If he loves you, he loves you and will understand your fear pregnancy and diseases. Men and even women can have sex with no love or feelings involved so having sex doesn’t mean anything unless the people involved want it to.

FYI the first and last man I was madly in love with MHSRIP, he’s since deceased after he was murdered in a violent robbery, had my heart even though for the 2 years we were together we never once had sex. Of course he was sleeping with other people and it is not good to learn that but at the end of the day, we humans have people we love and even adore even if we never sleep with them. Then there’s people you can sleep with even for years… Men do this all the time, but won’t even flinch if you hear that they are dead.

Relationship and love have nothing to do with sex, absolutely nothing. Sex can not make you fall in and out of love. Unless charms are being used. Why don’t men here fall for lanyes if sex is necessary for relationship to thrive? Let me tell you the secret to loving someone almost to imortalising them, after you fall in love with them, never have sex with them, sex makes you aware that this is just another weak human being. I don’t know why but sex just makes people lose value in your eyes. How will you think highly of someone you have seen naked and cumming?

I can honestly say that if I had slept with that guy I probably wouldn’t have stayed in love with him as long as I did. The fact that I had never slept with him made him almost a god in my eyes. If you want to lose feelings for someone to the extent of even cheating on them. He just loses value in your eyes and you start feeling attracted to other men who you have not slept with. The same way men lose respect for women after sex outside marriage is the same way women lose feelings and respect for the men they sleep with. Sexual desire is like hunger, once you eat you don’t even remember what you ate. Post nut clarity is real even for women.

you were dating a simp for 2 years without letting him touch your couchie? Very frigid of you.

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No doubt you were in a relationship. But you were the only who was celibate. It’s just how men work.

This is what I told @TrumanCapote. Yeye atakunyima for 2 years Ati mnangoja marriage. You suffer for these 2 years. But bad lack, you break up. Huyo jamaa wake mpya anapewa after one week. Guess what, you just lost 2 years of your time with empty hopes and wet dreams. Heck no.

Within 5 minutes a woman knows kama atakupa. Hizo ziingine ni Aesops fables.

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Siku hizi umenitupa sana

Wacha nitoe hekaya,I had a FWB some years back alinishow Ati mgallis anajuanga kama anaeza kuachia usample coochie kitty cat the first few minutes you meet,hizo zingine za sijui tungoje marriage ni bet za aviator kukuwaste,now back in campus when I was a simp I had this chick wa hizo fairy tales za"tuchill Kwanza mpaka tumalize chuo tuonane kinda bullshit"Kuna time she could disappear for even a week in between semesters I came to learn ni sponyo alikuwa anapeleka Diani get aways you know what happens juu sponyo haezi Choma pesa yake bure I learnt a hard lesson :laughing:


What do you mean when you sleep with someone, you start losing feelings? Hiyo inaapply to you only. In reality 99% of normal women become attached more after sex.

:joy: Unaishi Kenya kweli? Numbers don’t lie.

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What’s wrong with that? He had plenty of simpesses who allowed him to hit it to the bottom maybe some even had his kids who cares? His penis his business, my coochie my business, I dont owe any man sex even if we are married . You cheat on me and we are married bye bye conjugal rights you will not give me AIDS because you are controlled by your dick head. You know how it is, sex is for having children, if Im not at that point of being able to provide for myself and by extension my kid what sense does it make to have sex with a man. Theres women who will sleep with you for money , find those ones , I have no problem with that. How do you think I have managed to steer clear of being a single mother yet I was dating in long term relationships? If you dont want children at the time for whatever reason then what business do you have having sex then using birth control pills which cause cancer? Hii mwili haina replacement and I plan on being here till Im hundred years old.

Mwili ni kumbembeleza tuna bembeleza. If you need sex just get it from the many flesh peddlers uwache kusumbua your gf unless she is interested.

Nakujia soup very soon na tumbukiza. Kajiado kuna jua kama Nairobi

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Maybe za ndugu zetu waluya.Otherwise this assertion ni @MNYAMBO_YA_SHETANI

There’s nothing like kukupea. Women always have sex for a reason. Its not about you but about her goals and objectives when you meet. For example in campus you see girls who wife themselves up because they dont understand their objective in campus ni kusoma and AOB is just extracurricular. The fact is that usually your brain isnt even fully developed to be sure what you want in a man except money. Uni is very hard work and you cant concentrate on being a sex worker of either your bf or your sponyo without spoiling your concentration and focus.

Mambo ya ‘kupeana’ is neither here nor there , sex is a very serious activity which can lead to unwanted children and also incurable diseases and cancers like cervical cancer. So if a woman is having sex there’s a greater goal or objective when that goal is no longer there ‘kupeana’ ends there. Which is why women dont want to have sex after having children. They achieved their goals now no more incentive to put out. In any case libido in women is highest in their 20s after that even having sex once a year or five years or even ten or never .

Women are not like men who have sex for the sake of nutting or sex for sex sake and as such men will sleep with anything with a heartbeat and a warm body. Saa hii getting me to have sex is harder than climbing Mount Everest na ukiona Im having sex with you there’s something Im after like how you lure a fish with a worm but you know you want something more valuable so the worm is a small price to pay .

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i know many couples who have broken up over time just because at the beginning of their relationship they didn’t talk about the values that are valued in their families. this stuff is very important for bulding a family

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How does it apply to me only and the way Kenyan women are selling sex for money,promotions,trips and any other benefit? Do you think that after Ive seen you naked and nutting at your most vulnerable I will see you the same way I see a man who has never even touched me? Im telling you the harsh reality that men dont like to acknowledge because of their big egos. Even if you are the president once Ive seen you naked out goes respect and I can no longer project my fantasies of the perfect man on you, you are just as useless as any other man out there. I may pretend to still be crazy about you to get favours or whatever else Im really after but bro once I done seen your nakedness ITS GAME OVER. Hakuna kitu unaweza nishow especially if I was really crazy about you. Alafu the way men look so stupid when they nut…Anyway my point is that the guy if I was on deathrow and they ask me who you want to have sex with before you die…will be the one I was madly inlove with but never slept with. Sorry to burst your bubble. Women go through so many emotions and changing moods in a single month to be even thinking about you after sex. Upata PMS 5 days, period another 5 days ovulate in the first 14 days,next fourteen progestrone falls and you are in this shit mood, where is the time and energy to start thinking about a man you slept with This is why its easier for women to be sex workers your life is already a roller coaster ride then on top of all that if you have kids, you have alot to do and think about, ever heard that a woman’s work is never done. Im telling you women are not even capable of I dont know …thinking about some man they slept with. Its hard being a woman utafikiria watoto wako ama mwanaume? Utakunywa painkillers juuu ya cramps ama ni mwanaume utafikiria?