Healthy Njoki

Njoki sells Fresh Fruit , Juices , Yogurts , Salads and Smoothies in Kitengela … :D:D



Get in touch with this sweet lady for healthy options … :D:D



This is much better …promoting ladies and women business…other than objectifying them as sexual objects…

Are you new here? Read between the lines:D

i can only imagine her other side hustle

atoe makeup kwanza tuone kama ako na prime glow

Man,you are so naive its humbling:D:D:D
Karibu ktalk mjamaa,pitia threads za kitambo for orientation kabla ktalk ikufanyie kazi buana( karakta development)

Hiyo biz si mbaya, aweke till number hapo tujipange

Keep your mind out of the gutter …
This Sweet Lady promotes only “Healthy Options” … :D:D

Agreed …
She is still single , BTW … :D:D


don’t blame me… a post coming from you rarely qualifies as healthy and nonsexual:D …just like @Tacobra said

Hey guys, let us try to keep 'em “healthy thoughts”

nvchieth niaje

waaaah. uwesmake

Pin her lokeson