Portion of ugali- the size of a meatball n meat like 4 slices of salami or other cured meats being shown aki…heh! Hebu tune in! They’ve spoilt our dinner ati eat at 7pm and dont eat meat and starch. That’s what we are doing!!! Going back to the drawing board. Shock!

Eat what you have but be more active to ensure the intake is utilized

Monday - fish (real)
Tuesday - pork (chop, spare ribs)
Wednesday - chicken
Thursday - meat free
Friday - big ol’ STEAK

Weekends - whatever

Avoid processed meats like the plague. If you have to cure meat (for sandwiches), do it yourself! It’s actually cheaper.

As for “don’t eat meat and starch”, it’s in the same category as “don’t have sex”.

I drink lemon water thrice daily for health benefits. Everything else in moderation, some more than others.

Eat whatever you want. And be active to shed off the kcals