Health minister resigns


Leaders in Kenya can only willingly resign by death or by a bullet.

I thought it was our CS for a second kumbe.

Dr Gashui has resigned after repeated errors. I am sure Dr Gashui is a stunning beauty

Gashui mgani? @gashwin wachana na that senile old fool

Wakenya wanakufia china na ambassador anadanganya president kila kitu iko sawa

Forced to resign, meaning she was sacked!!!

In kenya the president is spineless, his workers can enter his bedroom without consequences. He cannot sack his appointees.
Only the president has powers to sack military officers above the rank of Colonel. So far no military officer has been sacked after giving corrupt civilians like Achesa access to do corrupt deals at DoD

it coz the they don’t respect the president …

at least they got rid of incompetence, in Kenya kuna transport cs ,omamo, ict na wengine who are still working!

Acha ujinga. Henry Rotich and Mwangi Kiunjuri were sacked.

What has changed after they were sacked? If nothing has changed means they were not the problem, the sacking was to hoodwink Kenyans.

Below is what you say.

There are changes. Ukur Yattani is the CS Finance and Peter Munya is the CS Agriculture

I’d rather die than resign.

President has a lot of power though not explicit. The president appoints the Head of Civil service. The Head of civil service has the power to hire and fire(?) civil servants including those the President determines are unfit. Also I assume by law if charged you can be reappointed to a non-impact position while your case drags. They can place you in a clerical position and frustrate you to quit.

i don’t care what you say , uhuru is weak …now here is a true leader

A true leader who executes dissenters? @sani said UK has no power. My argument is that he does. The only thing is that we have to be careful not to elect a President who runs the country by decree. For any issue, he should refer to the CSs at most. If there is a public outcry over any issue, CS should be sent packing.

No CS was too powerful for Moi, the employer. Today’s ministers seem untouchable even when they are breaking the law. A president should be fair and firm

Case by case reviews are required in those instances. Some situations I disagree with the courts so the CS has to take the punishment by the court. And remember you break the law you need to be charged before you are even dismissed.