Health Insurance

Which is the best insurer to take a personal health cover under? Am not talking about a family health cover but a comprehensive personal cover that can cover anything from accident injury to cancer treatment. What are the premiums per month?
Any assistance will be appreciated. TIA


AAR… Not sure though



How much premiums?

Leteni detailed information muache upuzi…

Ingia icea lion ,hapo Riverside ama office zao hapo Kenyatta avenue ,I pay about 3% ya cover as annual premium cover fees ,kitu 400k a year.

Watching thread


So you mean the cover is worth 13M? Holy shit, you must be a gafana

Kwenda huko ata wewe… Uuuufffffff

Save the money. Put up rentals. Mbona ulipiwe bill na insurance company? Just save and pay the bills yourself. Insurance wachia watu wa kawaida wenye hawana namna.