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[SIZE=6]Clothes ripped off; kicks, blows exchanged: Students treated to drama as women fight over head teacher
[li]21 JUL 2017[/li][/ul]

Two middle-aged women from Barsiele Sub-Location in Londiani, Kericho County hogged attention Thursday afternoon, when they exchanged blows and kicks over a man as students of a local secondary school watched.

According to one Administration Police (AP) officer, who spoke in confidence, the two women began clobbering each other after realising that they were sharing a man, who had given each of them a Thursday afternoon appointment.

The two women, who met at a school, where their lover is the head teacher, hurled the unprintable at each other, with each faction accusing the other of wanting to break a stable relationship.

The male head teacher – who was the subject of a vicious fight between the two women –, could be seen watching in disbelief as the two women tore into each other.

“He is my man, you are encroaching my turf. I will teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget,” one of the two women was heard saying.

One overpowered the other – a principal at a neighbouring school; and when she began ripping off the clothes of the then-subdued female principal, the secondary school’s deputy head teacher and a watchman intervened, attempting to separate the two.

When the female principal realised her aggressor had pinned her to the ground – and was keen on undressing her –, she bit her assailant’s hand to free herself before bolting half naked toward a nearby bush. The female principal was not wearing shoes, when she ran away.

The male head teacher borrowed a leso from one of the female teachers and took it to his lover, who was hiding in the bush. The female principal used the leso to cover her nakedness as she walked away in embarrassment.

Parents of students enrolled at the male principal’s school, expressed disappointment at the incident, accusing the principal of turning the school compound into a “love den”.

Some parents alleged that the principal “sleeps with everyone in a skirt”.

“He beds his students, female teachers on attachment and married women who live around,” claimed one parent, who spoke in confidence.

The parents appealed to the Ministry of Education to take disciplinary action against the male head teacher, accusing him of setting a bad example to his students

Kiboko kwa hawa disrespectful women. A disgrace to women folk.

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