Headline of the uganda’s Most read newspaper. Wanaume wanaoshwa macho na nudes za minister

Hii gazeti inakuwanga moto… I hear Ugandans are addicted to it… sex sells any day, anytime [ATTACH=full]255390[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]255390[/ATTACH]

Ukiingia Champala, sex is everywhere

:D:D:D:D titanic!

Their choice of words is also quite interesting

This means there is minimal usage accessibility of online media in Uganda, some time back these types of magazine were very hot in kenya and if can remember correctly zilikua zinauzwa 20 Bob… But since u can find hard hitting topics kama hizi online and there is high Internet accessibility in kenya they died a natural death…
Same case kama YouTube videos for musicians, u find some weird local song in kenya like pekejeng has over 2 million views in a country with 40+million people…
On the other side Nigeria with a population of over 200 million naira Marley hit song soapy, released almost at the same time as pekejeng and is like a national anthem for Nigerians is struggling to reach 2M views…
Kenya iko mbele


Kenya wanasema internet/bundles ni cheap.kumaanisha majority wanaingia YouTube.Lakini pia iyo ratio ya 40 million:2million bado iko chini


inakuaga tu pang’ang’a kama headlines za @digi :D:D:D unajipata umenunua then get disappointed.Kesho vilevile

I thought utakuwa mnguwana na utubwagie hizo nudes za waziri tuoshe macho na uso.
Ghasia wewe.

This one is quality gossip paper u can’t compare it na zile za 20 bob za Kenya,

bila picha ya hizo nudes hii tunaitaga panganga

Bila picha hii ni tangatanga movement kama ndindi

What is titanic yoyo? Would like to see them

wapi hizo picha tuone!!!

Pepisco ni knock-off ya pepsi?:D:D

I have just one question
What on earth is a titanic yoyo??

Ugandans love siex. They eat, sleep and wash in it.

We are yet to see them.
Hii gazeti hurepoti kabla zifike kwa social media.
They have done it before and we shall be right here waiting.

Hao Crown beverages walipe tax Ama DCI tuwakujie

A big clitoris