He Sounds Entitled

Ata hiyo kijina yake ni weird tuu. He sounds entitled as fuck. Should probably change his name as a first step


How is he entitled ??? Chap has the papers passed with flying colours and can’t even get an internship , dude is at home in their tiny shack farming with the mom ? where is the entitlement ? what does his name have to do with his predicament .
Tuwache ujinga ya victim blaming , until umpatie kazi akatae nyamaza !!!
He has been failed by the system not his name !

How the fukc does he expect to get a job with a name like[SIZE=6] BILL CLINTON[/SIZE]

That name is stupid a.f.


He grew up with an inflated ego. Probably mamake akimwambia “utakuwa president kama birrow criton siku moja.” Ndio maana kimtu kia miaka 29 kinaenda kukaliliaa make hapo kinamlilia badala kiingie mjengo.

I wonder how one who is apparently struggling in life manages to fatten himself up so properly.