He of amicus curiae fame to take over as CJ

[I]The cousin of U. Muigai. K, Prof. G. Muigai gave as a farcical resignation as he gets groomed for the CJ post. A firm defender of the government (not advisor), he is deemed to be the ‘revisit’ that was promised by U.M.K. on the Supreme Court and more specifically Justice Maraga following its nullification of the 8/8 elections.
Justice Ondunga has already been transferred to Machakos and more transfers on those deemed to be anti-establishment will follow shortly.

Meanwhile how’s Njoki Ndung’u for a MILF for those who fancy lorries and wheel loaders?


a) Githu and Uhuru are not related
b) he would be a fantastic addition to the Supreme Court
c) who would he be replacing? Mohammed Ibrahim?

Githu and uhuru are cousins.
He would be a pathetic addition if not the downfall of our judiciary.

and you say this with outmost conviction

No they are not


do you even know Githu%s dad or mum

even better. I know him.

You know if they share a name theyMust be related tsk

Huyu anakaa kuwa mbaya kuliko Odunga.

jamaa nakuhurumia sana. Githu hails from Muhathi village in Ndumberi Location In Kiambu County. His mother is a second wife. They are from a peasantry background. Very humble background. Don’t just spew nonsense to peddle a certain narrative

Because in your shitty narrative, relatives must be born from one mother???chieth… yeye na legal partner Mohamed nyaoga ndio wana tapeli Kenya.

huyo mama yake ndiye cuz ya UK?

if it works like that kwenyu, then why not?

if this is true then it is a brilliant move. the executive must be surrounded by a reasonable and royal judicially. must be the promised revisiting.

Trolls, trolls, propaganda galore

Propaganda BS

Githu is a Mluhya, babake anaitwa Clement Kalani Lumbembe.


we wimuhaice itina

Royal…majudge wakuwe watoi wa ma king na ma queen namna this sio? *Loyal is zi word