he needs to hit the gym yesterday


Money will never buy class

I’m interested in the quality of pussy the man been hitting.

Ukiangalia his taste of clothing and demeanour, do you think that his taste of pussy is any different?

Hehe…wanawake huona shida sana. Jamaa kama huyu akichapa hiyo wine anakuambia come here and suck my abdalla. And since u want his money inabidi you comply.

Hawa ni jamaa wakifika mayuu huwa na contact person, anawaletea vitu mulwa. It’s all about money. You also know, once you have money and women will gravitate around you like vultures.

OK! Miguna talking about shape za watu?..does Canada have mirrors also?

I would trade places with him anyday. Its easier to fix your physique than your pockets

Boss utashangaa sana kuona ile kuma hii jamaa hukula dryfry. $$$$$$$ is king. This is a man who can spend $50K on one weekend in the maldives like its nothing.

Hawa watu , sijui kama wamesha wai tumia Top notch escort services. The Models you see on those runways, from upcoming ones to the super models, most of them still dub as escorts.
Naomi Campbell, alikuwa ananyanduliwa na Charles Taylor. That’s a top dollar pucci . So trust me, Kipkorrir anamanga poa.

Wacha wanaume waishi

Money is money. Whether you are fat, thin or whatever. Hawa watu wa he needs to hit the gym ni wivu tu. The only thing money cannot buy is a ticket to heaven but with the calibre of contemporary men of God we have, it just might .

Miguna calling the kettle black.

Most insta whores unaonaga huku thats how they make their living

Block hio fake taka taka

There are two who have joined our gym and you can tell it’s to ostensibly look for sponsors. A Nissan March driving, Donholm staying insta whore hawezi sustain hio gym membership - that costs more per month than her rent - on the other side of the town. You’d think Eastlands hakuna gyms.
Luckily for them, they’ll most likely bag a rich clueless married beta.

Hii ni Nairobi. Nairobi ni ya wajanja.

very gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy analysis , words , statement

Almost thought it was @Thiem but huyu the far he has gone is his ocha Alego.

Kanono tulia