He nailed it, @Duke of Coomersvile


4 out of 5 jungu females dating mwafrika huwa na kasoro fulani. In most dating websites, you’ll find women past mid 30’s looking for their Black kings.
Sa hizo amezaa na walami wao, na amefunga hiyo chapter ya watoto.
Wale huzaa na Waafrika huwa ni tu-andungu fulani.

I remember talking to an old geezer I met at a pub. He was educated abroad in the USA in pre-independence times. These old guys have alotta stories. We talked about how the Africans who went there fared when it came dating and marrying white chicks. The muzae told me that most of his generation of people who married white chicks and brought them here married chicks who were “rejects” and “prostitutes”. Those were his words. Ofcourse he did say they were exceptions but by and large, thats how the chicks were.

So even back then it was like that but probably even more so because of institutionalized racism

Nobody gi es a fuck what that guy does in bed with a white woman you guys are butt hurt over nothing

Umeffi.kila nyani na starehe zake.

many they are social rejects there, just like our social rejects hook white men there

@Duke of Coomersvile Ni mafii ya umbwa ilikufa due to cholera 3 years ago in my eyes

@Duke of Coomersvile na mwenzake @Kahuni Maisha mnahitaji kuchunishwa kales muwache muhahe na stupid relationship ideas and coaching ati o post wall o Malaya mzee . Ihiiii

Uki-land mayuu as an adult, na useme 'i don’t do blacks ', this is what will be available.