He must be a Psychopath ..

He comes into this coffee shop, sits down, never gets on his Laptop or whips out a cellphone.

Takes his coffee and then leaves.

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Ebu eleza polepole na lugha ya kisweli.

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Time manager

A picture would be opportune here now that the story teller is mean with details

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He he he! I see what you did there…

Mimi sishiki aki…

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close your eyes and hold out your hand …

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The guy drinks coffee then Leaves. Who in their right mind drinks Leaves after coffee?


Wekerea mavitu…

If you see one, the other is trailing nearby. One leaves, the other won’t take the coffee.

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Do you mean ‘Mogoka’?o_Oo_O

He he he! This is spaxtacular… that was a joke. @Inthatnite is making a satirical commentary on people’s affixation to their Electronics to a point where those who are not are taken as deviants.

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Your wife serves you with kofis, but you never seem have the courage to leave. The cycle of domestic abuse… next she is going to invite me over and make you watch us fuck and do things she’s never done with you. I will allow you to silently sit in the darkest corner and masturbate while crying over your inadequacy.

You got weird fantasies.

Fantasies? Do you think your wife stays up in bed at night crying, waiting for you while you are out getting your ass rammed by @Wakanyama in his castle made of filth to the sound of bleats and moos of jealousy from his harem of bovine lovers? No, she lays peacefully on my chest from exhaustion, quietly liking the aftershock pulsations in her demolished vagina.

Where is your cheering squad. Must be having an orgasm the way you’ve woken up inspired this morning.

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If you understood the sexual divinity of your wife my afflatus would not supprise you so, you battered reject. I am always like this everyday.

No, not always. Today you are on overdrive to impress, someone is gleefully hanging on to your every word.

I see you pay attention to my posts here… good bitch, keep up and don’t put a dam to those tear ducts… let it flowwwww…let it flow.

Your wife gleefully hangs on to more than my words. We both share this kink where I tie her limbs in a much similar way @Wakanyama ties your legs and arms together in preparation for the glue driven slaughtering your ass recieves, then I hang her on a swingset and ram my dick her into her vagina with just enough force that she begins to oscilate like a pendulum and we both ride on the momentum to cloud 9. Your wife is a sex freak, but you wouldn’t know that because the only thing that has any semblance to BDSM you get from her ni kichapo cha mbwa.

Why you explainng jokes?? Im sure those you are explaining to are just trolling…

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