He knows how stupid we are

At least presidents kibaki and uhuru were so elitist that they didn’t understand how stupid we are. Listening to them, I would always get the impression that they were overestimating our intelligence.
In this election though, we have a candidate who seems to really know how stupid we are (it is clear from his campaign speeches), and who (if he wins), will take full advantage of our stupidity. For sure, he will ensure that the cost of living remains low. But in all other respects, he is likely kutunyanyasa kaa burukenge…

Everyday the bonobo comes one step closer to the brink of extinction.

Hujaambia my friend @Titty Twister poa


yes, that too. it is likely to be like uganda model - where the cost is living is low, but wages and general standard of living are low too…

Very wicked. Ironically, mobile telephony was in UG way before us. I was in Kampala in '98, and they had phones, while we didn’t.

Its not just “that candidate” that knows how stupid we are, its the entire political class.

You don’t get ahead in politics without properly understanding and using the stupidity of the masses.

Yes thy do know bt mostly its not people like u who are always believing politicians it’s the poor and mashinani ppl na watu wa boda, and they are the majority

The so-called hustlers who will exchange their votes for 200/- to vote in a convicted thief, whose first order of business is to recoup what he has spent many times over. You have to ask yourself who bewitched Kenyans. That’s how we end up with the likes of Sonko, Sudi and Rigathi.

Yes they listen to politicians and find them clever and love those bogus exchanges. Campaigns since 2018 that’s how many years of campaign content? and they have been interested and are still interested in what politicians say. Ppl who watch political lies and get stimulated by those political exchanges are the ones who let us down

There is a slight difference. When, for instance, uhuru is giving a speech, he seems to think that the common folks he is addressing (whom he has mostly not had a chance to ever interact properly with) are more intelligent than they are. He expects them to see things like the relationship between infrastructure development or tourism and the money in their pockets. Of course they don’t.

You really have to have been to a chang’aa den or local barber shop or a women’s chamaa/salon to understand just how uninformed many of these our people are. It is not actual stupidity in terms of lack of intelligence (many of these people are actually very good at what they do), but rather lack of proper education.

Don’t easily forget that people over 35 years are the majority of voters in this election. Under 35 is only 38 or so percentage. And for those of us in the over 35 years bracket, you find like 40% didn’t finish standard 8! Some dropped out at standard 4-8 (that is mostly when people used to start dropping out, due to the violence that teachers used to unleash at such grades)…

Of the remainder, like 60% didn’t go past standard 8. And of those who went, like half didn’t actually finish form 4. And then, of those who finished form 4, like 70% got D plain and below, which is as good as not having gone to secondary…

In the end, you find that you are dealing with like 80% of voters who are totally ignorant. I was watching the presidential debate with some, and it soon became clear that what was mesmerizing them was the way ruto was “speaking english without reading anywhere”, rather than the substance of what he was saying!

***Now what a cunning candidate will do is truly lower the cost of living (to the level of unga costing 80 bob, which is doable), and other such gesture. That, combined with good oratory skills buys loyalty, to a level where even when he wants to change the constitution, there will be many genuine supporters.
The way people like museveni and kagame manage to get many genuine supporters. By undersstanding their people’s ignorances.

Anyway, I am ranting because this stuff almost seems inevitable. I would have preferred a candidate who, in spite of knowing our stupidity, doesn’t take advantage of it. Like a vendor who knows that the old woman customer can’t count money properly, but still gives the right change…

I think that is why south africa came up with the system where you vote for parties, not for individuals.

His name is Raila Amolo Odinga.

It’s some combination of in-grown daftness, cultural perception and politically cultivated ignorance. You’ll hear a full grown man raised by a mother say things like, nimi siwezi votia mwanamke; Raila is too old; sisi ni hasora, hawa watu wote hakuna mtu mzuri, etc. yet they have no clue what they’re voting for, or why they are not voting for the other side. They cannot tell you why it’s beneficial to support whoever they support, or why it’s not wise to support the opposite side.


What 40% of over 35 years old population lack education? They are the ones dragging us behind…they are the ones who listen to politicians.
And the u say the rest got D and below. I ve seen a madam huko river road I remember she was making sales of 100k per day kwa beauty staff during Christmas sales but she was supporting Waiguru in 2017 for govnr ati coz she looks like minji minji and Martha was not cute.

I get why you feel our future is bleak while watching the debate due to how they get mesmerized by cleverness of politicians English. And gift of oral skills in politicians and religious conmen keeps us entertained such that we can’t look deeper and insist on accountability

The gift that keeps on giving that lack of proper evaluation skills

Shocking but true. Illiteracy in Kenya is so high

A section of Kenyans are highly educated and alot of politicians are lawyers but most Kenyans are illiterate and you can tell due to the huge Religious tents and churches with thought out architecture built alongside highways…

Uhhmm, there were mobile phones in ‘94 in Kenya.