He is an Alcoholic & was raped akiwa mtoi..This is his story

Meet Wilberforce Lichoti Wepukhulu A.K.A Uweschokosh. The bukusu chokosh is a DDO(Daily Drinking Officer) who indulges in hot alcoholic beverages like Gilbeys. We ask ourselves why does the chokosh drink too much? Does he have a hidden problem that he is trying to runaway from or forget? Well J&J investigations digged deeper on the chokora’s past and this is the report.

Wilberforce Lichoti aka Uwes was born in 1985 in Kamkuywa village Western Province. He spent most of his life in Kamkuywa but it was maisha ya mashida shida hivi. After finishing Std 8 his parents decided to relocate Lichoti to Nairobi to live with his uncle in Kayole estate. The uncle had promised to take care of the chokosh since his mashida peros walikuwa wamelemewa…they had other siblings to take care of. His uncle was a habitual drunkard and had recently kicked out his wife. Lichoti was welcomed warmly by the uncle. Lichoti had thought that his uncle was gonna lipia him school fees forSeco bt was surprised when his drunk uncle told him and i quote “Nairobi wanaume hukuja kutafuta unga…nimekutafutia kazi ya Ushamba boy kwa mhindi fulani uko Westlands…kesho asubuhi ntakupeleka uanze kazi na si tafadhali”.

Lichoti had no choice bt to do as his uncle had instructed. He used to work Monday to Saturday. His uncle had a job at industrial area doing menial jobs. FFWD: one Sunday when uwes was free and busy doing house chores like washing vyombo and laundry (since uncle had no wife to do this) his uncle walked in akiwa mlevi…he had jus come frm a drinking spree in a nearby busaa den. He shouted at Uwes “Lichoti Lichoti naskia njaa…umepika busuma(ugali)”…Lichoti says bado sijapika unco, His uncle says ebu wakisha stove na unipikie ugali mara that. W/O wasting time uwes started cooking. As he was stirring ugali he did a mistake by wekaring bend over akikoroga ugali. His drunk uncle pounced on him frm behind and said Lichoti unajua sinako bibi na hii mkia yako inaka tamu. Lichoti now confused asks uncle mkia ni nini? waaaaaaaa immediately he finished asking this he was given a sweep hadi stove ikaanguka nauko. Since it was a sunday Uwes was wearing bermuda shorts…this made it easier for his uncle to get access to his anus. He was kanyagwad hadi chee shot after shot with the niceness and switness. All the while uncle be saying Lichoti Lichoti tamu sana napenda sana.

FFWD …upto date Lichoti has never gotten over this abuse and that is why he drinks daily to drown his sorrows and try and forget the ordeal . He also likes to boost his ego by calling pple gay online…this makes him feel better and temporarily comforts him but deep inside the boy is broken…he cries every night…SADNESS OF LIFE


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True story



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The sh!t just hit the fan…getting an umbrella and some pop corn

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Napenda sana

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Lichoti @uwesmake kuja ujitetee

This is sad that beef ya watu hawajuani can escalate to this level I also think kuna mtu ako na inferiority complex.

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I always wonder where the beef started. @uwesmake ebu leta hekaya ya beef.

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