He is a graduate but employed as a driver

The year is 2007 when the quadrijoint bukusu (name with held) graduated from Kamkuywa Technical University. This was his graduation ceremony.
The self proclaimed navy seal dry fry artist graduated with a bachelor of “kukamua nyoka”. He tarmacked for a while without a job until a Mr. Ranjeet Singh came to his rescue.

He has being Mr. Singh’s personal driver since.

Due to his miserable life, he has turned to an alcoholic.

he he he… hiyo nest ya sparrow sasa amebeba ya nini hapo kwa graduation photo?

au ni ya kutengeneza nest soup?

ni cassava or yam

Picha ya @blackguards akigraduate kukata nyama year 1992 pale NYS iko wapi?

Hawa ni watu wawili tofauti.

mwache kusumbua navy seal

The Chinese had not yet invaded!

@introvert lete mguu kumi ukanyage hi senji waiter ya Sanford

You meant invented au ??

I mean exactly what I said…invaded yet.

Is this literally another thread on a 3 yr old stinger…

:D:D:D bora uhai

A graduate with master pia ako somewhere akichuna kahawa

I always say education without connections is less desirable than connections without education.
“Its not what you know, its who you know” is one of my favourite sayings. But its best to have both education and connections.

na watch jack ryan…niko episode 5

Hiyo series iko aje kabla ni download?

Ilikuwa final year project.

iko fitty …i recommend