He has read the signs, the spring is near. the revolution will not be televised, it will be live!


Long live the revolution

Huyu si ni foot soldier wa Ruto?

hata kama, kwa hiyo story naye, niko nyuma yake sana

Sisi wakenya ni mdomo tu revolution yetu haiezi enda past twitter… Dont hold you breath we is too scared to do shit.

Its kwoming…

I would just like to say Uhuru alifikiria sana to make the handshake otherwise if Rao was still in opposition and he reads the mood of Kenyans right now trust me he would have pulled a 1982 coup wakiwa na akina Miguna.

It doesnt matter, revolution is still looming


Ile upuuusuu we are subjected to hapa Kenya is unrivalled, before akina Wanjiku understand the housing levy, huduma number is being shoved down their throats.

I believe kuna mtu ana loot ku loot saa hii as we are busy whining about huduma number.

Kenyans can’t sustain months long protests. Wanaweza kufa njaa. By the way how do those Arab nations survive these things while the nation is almost at standstill?

Anachapa Uhuru si ati anatetea raiya. Ameambiwa na Ruto akatae hio kitu. The same way Ruto tried to abscond from huduma namba but then later changed his mind.

In the coming years I won’t be surprised if Ruto even attacks “Uhuru’s” SGR.

Even with railas backing hakuna kitu inaweza fanyika… we might experience some disturbance in some parts of the country for a few days but a full blown revolution is highly unlikely. Kenyans value peace more than anything.

A twitter one

Shosho media

I read people talking about revolution, I just laugh.
If MPs added their salaries and no one did a thing except for Bonnie…
Kenyans please stop the jokes… We are not revolutionaries.