He has become a cage of every foul and hateful bird

Hebrew Apostle Waruinge breaks down how Ruto has raised spiritual altars in LGBTQ, Islam, witchcraft, globalism, Christianity etc which shows lack of conviction in faith matters. Apostle frames the issues we are facing as a country in spiritual terms.
Brilliant interview!

This guy and his gang really persecuted a people.
Imagine beheading innocent fathers and raping and conducting fgm to innocent mothers.

There is too much blood on his hands

He says he is saved and delivered but according to me he can never be delivered until he pays for those heinous crimes he committed.

I cannot listen to his bullshit.


I see the feminazi n.g.o types live in your head rent free.

in other nyews - ndura siku hizi ni aposto? :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

aight ndura - you do you.

Kila mtu na dini yake
kila mtu na dini yake

Ubonobo haitambui tajiri au maskini

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