He had SEX with my fiancé after flying her secretly to Mombasa for 4 days – Mr. OPONDO of the Environmental Compliance Institute E

Monday, 21 February 2022 – Mr. Gerphas Keyah Opondo, the Executive Director of the Environmental Compliance Institute, is on the spot after his randy behaviours were exposed.

Despite being married and holding a position that requires a man of integrity, he has a special appetite for young ladies.

A man revealed to us that Opondo lured his fiancée with a trip to Mombasa, where he slept with her and later connected her with a job in his workplace.

“My fiancé had just lost 1 week pregnancy and this man had sex with her 2 days later,” he revealed.

The disgruntled man discovered that his fiancé was having an affair with Mr. Opondo after he bumped into their private chats.

This guy should cut his losses and run…Hapa there’s is no wife material.


So atado?

Another lame Juvenile sob story …
I have some queries on this narrative …

  • One week pregnancy … ???
  • “bumped” into private chats … ???

Kindly elaborate … :D:D

Unfortunately our chairman and mentor mzee kibor is gone. He could have given this guy some free tutorials.

Akate story, analilia nini sasa

Tu mwambie ukweli hiyo pregnancy hata haikuwa yako ni ya opondo… What is with Jaruos and cheating??? Si mcheat discreetly. Rusheni mawe yote sasa


Ditch the whore and move on.

In my younger days ulikua unakuliwa dame, maboy wanakuchekelea pale base, unachapa richot au napoleon to wipe your sorrows and by next day you have another kunguru…siku hizi vijana ni kulia tu social media

Njaruo hufikiria tu kudinyana na ugali. Hio tu.

mwanaume bwege. fiance kitu gani? Mr Opondo hana makosa, aache kuharibiwa jina.

Weuh I worked at his place ECI and I doubt this story

Sema tu alikupiga kuni pia:D:D