He had s3x with her before murder suicide

Saturday, 07 August 2021 – It has now emerged that Kiambu businessman Jonathan Mukundi had sex with his wife Philomena Njeri before he shot her dead.

This was revealed on Friday, August 6, after Government pathologist Dr. Johasen Oduor, carried a post-mortem examination on the two bodies at Kenyatta University Referral Mortuary.

The autopsy found traces of semen on Philomena’s body, confirming that they had sex.

The post-mortem examination also revealed that Jonathan shot his wife four times- twice in the head and two times on other parts of the body.

Jonathan had one gunshot wound in his head that entered from the left side of the head and raptured his brain.

The autopsy also revealed that Njeri was not pregnant as alleged in the media.

Pathologists have the dirtiest job in the world. Sasa yeye anaenda mpaka kutafuta semen kwa a woman’s fajaina?

Kwani government pathologist huwa mmoja Kenya yote?

Alijuaje kama Njeri hakuwa amemwagiwa huko nje before aland?

Alifanya DNA

Where did you get this information from?

Pathologist never say anything unless it’s been medically proven because it can be used in court. They hate being found on crossfire. My best friend is one of the kind in AU

Of course lazima alichukua kidogo na syringe kutoka kwa makei ya Mukundi akamatch na ile ilikua inadrip from Njeri’s nunu:D:D:D

You are one gross person

dr johnson oduor alienda mpaka eldoret ndio afanye post morterm ya caroline kangogo banae
kwani hii government pathologist hakunanga mwingine?
na alikula per diem ya ngapi?

Very gross if you think about it.

unfortunately yes… if sivyo ni wawili

Does this Dr Johansen Oduor ever have a good nights sleep ama he is always seeing ghosts from all the cases he handles?

Alikufa na utamu

Thats why he drinks daily like bladifakin pale gspot kilimani.He nneds alcohol to numb his senses.


Before him kulikua na Kirasi Olumba. The name has just stuck in my mongo. Macabre job tho kaa ile ya mortuary or hearses

:D:D:D:D:D waongeze Johansen mshahara , hakuna tofauti ya kazi yake na ile umbwa ya ktalk @cortedivoire hulamba watu mkundu