He dumped her bcz he was doing well, now she's a millionaire and him a hawker

After dumping Joyce Wa Mamaa few years ago when she was broke, former CORO FM presenter Munyeki Soko is now hawking smokies, ngwashe na mayai boiro

Probably if it was someone else would have committed suicide or very depressed.

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He said she was his mpango wa kando.


Today on afrocinema :green_emoji: :green_emoji: once you become dependent on a female its over for you… kata tu makende and play the wife


Ummeffi feminist takataka thread


Malisa hio milaya muzee

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He’s depending on his current wife or what? BTW I am worried about this guy coz the publicity is too much and everyone is laughing at him. He may kill himself. So is it the wife who leaked the story or what? She’s tired of his smoky business? Or it’s a ploy to make him rich out of the usual Kenyan sympathy like Miracle Baby and Caro Katrue.

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Don’t they have a kid?


Pipinya ua!!!

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But this is why I am sometimes proud about Men from Central… No Matter How Low they Sink, they always have that small spark in them to keep them moving and venture into small hustles just to stay afloat… The Problem is that Alcoholism is their Achilles Heel.


At least hauzi mkia kama perdition

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Mwanaume ni kuanguka na kusimama kama amejipanguza vumbi na kwenda hustle…Ara!


Safi sana mzae. ire kiwaja ya Subukia urimariza kuripia?

Even if he stuck around with that woman, once Joyce got into fame, she would have dumped him like a hot potato.

They looked good together though.

very bellow average woman

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Like Brian Chira was drinking like crazy. I’ve seen his clips and that boy was drinking worse than a fish, you wonder if this is normal drinking or suicide type of drinking coz this drinking may be a curse from junguuuu to Maumau coz I hear junguu liked getting paramount chiefs alcoholic drinks sana. Ever heard that Lobengula signed over a whole country to junguuuu for a bottle of gin? Most paramount chiefs during and pre colonial times had a drinking problem. This issue needs more investigation bcz it’s not normal.

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