He bwana who dis shamir guy

Hey is how sijawahi ona thread on this nigga here…and its me over here blazing some riddim drops za hii wiki on shuffle and then this plays


And 1:46 that shit got me thinking am tripping…nacheki ma WhatsApp status za wase and kuna ka ‘gf’ ameweke like 9 of em and all about lost love or abandon love(ain texted or called the bitch and also most bitches like 3-4 -ghosting kiasi) bored and just missed this past weeks shenanigans and bfv beta cuz of women …I need space …I don need pussy and this clamp down feeling I get round em…anyways big ups this did loved the track hope he ain corny…
And this a lucky hit…
And BTW @Nefertities still ain got around to Russ but by morning will have gave it a listen …and Lenny kravitz dropped an lp


Since the first time I zoned to this and the music drops this year…ma ears be

kweli nimekuwa mzee.
sijaelewa kitu chochote.
wapi kijana alizaliwa 2006na caesarean section atufanyie translation?

Shamir has been on the Kenyan reggae scene for quite some time now


Hold up I have heard these tracks …damn …his talented …this the shit that should be popping in the big screen not the sauti soul…cuz now his lyrics have the Kenya edgeness and depth to it…I get his shit…

Abdallah Shamir alienda na 2,500 yangu na akalenga story. Fala yeye!

@Ice_Cube we have a case get ktalk CSI on the phone …MTU alipwe kashupa yake sha flaiiiday

Alikua anajiita “singer x” very talented

I automatially zoned out for the first half of your post because I hace zero to do with that genre.

Post liked because of the Kravitz track.

Good shit is hard to resist …

First Kravitz song I heard and liked years ago. When Garbage, Blonde used to be a thing. And this used to be a regular on STV



And BTW russs shit ain bad but that something drive track was like
some cringe won’t lie …that beat has not been done justice yet…

Mwambie kuwa anadeni ya @pseudonym …hata akichange jina lazima atalipa na. …na plaintiff aweke charges ya ktalk kwa till number ya kibanda tree mekaniks ya @introvert since siko area

Niaje Viking.

Poa 8ball
Naona unapeana ma horoscopes huko motoring

Deni ni ya @Pseudonyms

Capital P.

Hio msichana ingine umeandika hapo hata siijui.

Russ is a C+ rapper with some B+ tracks.

You’re an F+ in the pants and an A+++ in the face!

Hakuna kitu nashikanisha hapa walai