He builds exquisite houses in Uganda for Diasporans

Start for finish: No hanky panky , ati you send your Durhams for 5 years and then come home and find a cowshed. What is even more amazing is that he is not based in Uganda.


I have worked with Ugandans… And Trust me they are amongst the dumbest people you will ever encounter in these streets… Even Arabs and Panjeets Know that… Some Actually Pretend they are Kenyans to avoid the Ridicule of being labeled a Ugandan.


You have not said why they’re the dumbest in the history of the dumbest.

Walikufanyia nini kadem?

(Khai alafu nipate wewe ni mujamaa? Wacha niteme hio mate juu sijui naweza fanya nini kama sio kujirusha chini kutoka rooftop pale kicc)


The Ugandans that work over these sides just have a different vibe with them… Too Gullible in nature…


I totally agree. Start by looking at their dailies, check online their newspapers and how things are reported there.

Ugandans, Tanzanians and Sudanese are stupid bonobos. Add Burundians and Rwandans into the mix.