Hawana Haya?

Another politician takes advantage of young minds in search of education to promote himself:


JaKuonist No. 1 Cornel Rasanga set the trend:


But Siaya education minister Pamela Okello supported the move, saying it aims to ensure that the “pupils know their governor and have a closer relation with him.”

“The move to place the governor’s portrait on the examination papers is just,” she said.

[B]Speaking at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology on Tuesday, Ms Okello said the county government will do the same thing in subsequent years.

“We are in the process of boosting the performance of our pupils and also as a campaign bid for Governor Rasanga in the next general election,” said Mrs Okello.[/B]

Huyu ni @Eng’iti aka en’gui

Hii tuliona mtondo goo

How many times are we going to see this? o_O

Bucherman wacha uchokozi sjiskii kukubonda leo

@Nattydread, I think a politician sponsoring an ‘exam challenge’ with HIS money is not a bad thing. Its like sponsoring a sports event, with prizes at the end.

How did you determine that it was ‘his’ money? These are governors who took county money to accompany JaKuon to Dallas to hold a press conference in a deserted hotel hall. They also ‘contributed’ up to 20m to help JaKuon attend Magufool’s inauguration.

Besides, isn’t it dumb to ‘campaign’ on Class 8 pupils?

uliona ya rasanga. jifunze kusoma kwa makini.

I don’t understand why you hate raila so much you have never met him hajawai kukosea kwa post zako lazima you bring his name

Your kid is given afree exam and u start complaining yet u can’t afford to pay examination money …wakenya mko wapi…Asp. mp Gucha keep up.

Do you love and protect him because you have met him? I loathe the bugger because of his proclivity for violence and discord, and despise him for his forked tongue and treachery.

Since when did a ‘free exam’ need to be embellished with the photo or name of a politician?

I have never met him I just Wonder how you manage to hate someone like that or is it fear

Since it started