Hawa watu ni washenzi sana.

@Kennedy Maina hawa watu wako ni watu wajinga sana. Why torture such a magnificent sea creature just for a few drops of soup?!

And these fuckers eat everything. Hata spider haiwezi pata amani China. Not even the puny birds like robins. No creature is safe in or near China.


The Chinese are greedier than kush yule mnono

Savage beings.

@Wagido kuja uone.



Even humans wakikaa mbaya they r converted to thufu

@Nyamgondho leo umetomba @patco shots ngapi?

Cows, dogs, starfish, lobsters, pigs, snakes… They are all animals.
Go vegan if you are worried about their well being.

Americans also slaughter animals. They boil their lobsters alive.